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Founded in 1892, the Bibliographical Society (of London) is the senior learned society dealing with the study of the book and its history, based in London, England.

The Society holds a monthly lecture between October and May, usually on the third Tuesday of the month at University College London.

The first fifty years of the Bibliographical Society were documented in the book The Bibliographical Society, 1892–1942: Studies in Retrospect.[1] The Book Encompassed, a volume of essays marking the Society's centenary was published in 1992.[2]


The objectives of the Society are:


The Society has published a journal since 1893, originally entitled Transactions of the Bibliographical Society. In 1920 it took over publication of The Library (issued since 1889) and adopted that as the main title of the Transactions. The different series of the Transactions and The Library are:

  • Transactions of the Bibliographical Society, vol. 1–15 (1893–1919)
  • The Library, vol. 1–10 (1889–1898)
  • The Library, Second/New series, vol. 1–10 (1900–1910)
  • The Library, Third series, vol. 1–10 (1910–1919)
  • The Library, Fourth series, vol. 1–26 (1920–1946)
  • The Library, Fifth series, vol. 1–33 (1946–1978)
  • The Library, Sixth series, vol. 1–21 (1979–1999)
  • The Library, Seventh series, vol. 1– (2000– )

The Library (ISSN 0024-2160; 1744-8581) is a quarterly journal and is issued free to members who also receive a copy of all books published by the Society.

Gold medal

The Society occasionally awards a gold medal for distinguished services to bibliography to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the subject and the furtherance of the Society's aims.

Bibliographical Society Gold Medallists[3]
Year Recipient
1929 Eames, Wilberforce
1929 Haebler, Konrad
1929 James, Montague Rhodes
1929 McKerrow, Ronald Brunlees
1929 Pollard, Alfred W.
1932 Madan, Falconer
1935 Kenyon, Frederic G.
1935 Greg, Walter Wilson
1948 Morison, Stanley
1948 Gibson, Strickland
1951 Ferguson, Frederic Sutherland
1951 Scholderer, Victor
1956 Kronenberg, Maria Elizabeth
1956 Johnson, Alfred Forbes
1957 Wroth, Lawrence C.
1960 Lowe, Elias Avery
1960 Oldham, J. Basil
1965 Jackson, William Alexander
1969 Bowers, Fredson
1969 Pollard, Graham
1975 Carter, John
1975 Ker, Neil Ripley
1978 Nixon, Howard M.
1982 Bischoff, Bernhard
1982 Keynes, Geoffrey
1984 Foxon, David
1986 Kristeller, Paul Oskar
1988 Pantzer, Katharine
1990 McKenzie, Donald Francis
1992 Hobson, Anthony R. A.
1994 Martin, Henri-Jean
1997 Alston, Robin
1999 Barker, Nicolas
1999 Fabian, Bernhard
2001 Watson, Andrew G.
2003 Davison, Peter Hobley
2005 McKitterick, David
2007 Rhodes, Dennis
2009 Hellinga, Lotte
2011 Needham, Paul
2013 Foot, Mirjam
2015 Tanselle, G. Thomas

Library and archives

The Society's library was housed at Stationers' Hall in the City of London but moved to Senate House in January 2007 where it is now available alongside the resources of the Senate House Libraries.

The Society's archive is housed at the Bodleian Library and may be used by scholars and members of the Society.

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