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200 px
Categories Book reviews, Book industry
Frequency 22 issues a year
Publisher American Library Association
First issue January 1905
Country United States
Based in Chicago, Illinois
Language English
ISSN 0006-7385
OCLC number 1536781

Booklist is a publication of the American Library Association that provides critical reviews of books and audiovisual materials for all ages. It is geared toward libraries and booksellers and is available in print or online. It is published twice monthly September through June and monthly in July and August.


Booklist started publication in January 1905 to "meet an evident need by issuing a current buying list of recent books with brief notes designed to assist librarians in selection. Other features, such as annotated lists on current topics, will probably be added later, and in general, any matter useful to those in charge of smaller libraries will here find an appropriate place."[1] Initially, the journal mainly contained condensed reviews of only a few sentences, but by the 1930s the reviews were a little more in depth. In October 1939, just a few weeks after the start of World War II, Booklist published a very helpful article "Books for the 'Long and Calm View': On the Crisis, Its Background and Implications to the United States" that addressed "the demand for impartial books without the emotionalism of propaganda."[2] The editor wanted to make sure that in the midst of a world crisis, library patrons had their questions answered, and all points of view, given.

Currently, the magazine can be found online, and besides its wide range of current book reviews in a wide range of genres, it also includes lists of current and past winners of awards such as the Newbery and Printz. Additionally, optional newsletters are available for librarians and other interested parties to subscribe to receive even more in-depth reviews not readily available on the website.

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