Carmen, la de Triana

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Carmen, la de Triana

Carmen, la de Triana (Carmen, the girl from Triana) is a 1938 Spanish-German musical film directed by Florián Rey and starring Imperio Argentina, Rafael Rivelles and Manuel Luna.[1] It was a Spanish-language version of the 1938 film Nights in Andalusia based on the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet.

Triana is a neighbourhood of Seville.


The movie takes place in Seville in 1835. Carmen, a gypsy woman, intends to enter the barracks to give Antonio Vargas Heredia some tobacco. Thanks to a favor from Brigadier José, she gets to see the “torero”. In return Carmen offers the soldier the carnation in her hair. But not without informing everyone that she will sing at Mulero’s tavern that night. José comes go to see her. While Carmen sings, another woman steals the carnation José was given by the gipsy before.



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