Cultural Association of the GDR

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File:Fotothek df pk 0000220 017 Porträts, Prof. (Max ^) Pechstein, (Johannes^) Stroux, Kraus, Benedik, Lederer,.jpg
Celebration of the association's first birthday in 1946. Prominent in the front row are the painter Max Pechstein (left) and Berlin's first post-war mayor, Arthur Werner (right).

The Cultural Association of the GDR (German: Kulturbund der DDR, KB) was a federation of local clubs in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). It formed part of the Socialist Unity Party-led National Front, and sent representatives to the Volkskammer. The association had numerous writers as its member, including Willi Bredel, Fritz Erpenbeck, Bernhard Kellermann, Victor Klemperer, Anna Seghers, Bodo Uhse, Arnold Zweig. Its first chairman was Johannes Robert Becher.

Wilfried Maaß was the Secretary of Kulturbund 1984-1990.[1] As of 1987, membership stood at 273,000.[2]

Chairmen of the Cultural Association of the GDR

Name Entered Office Left Office
Johannes Robert Becher 1949 1958
Max Burghardt 1958 1977
Hans Pischner 1977 1990


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