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Edward "Ed" H. Krebs, (born August 1951, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) is a photographer and musician based in Laguna Beach, California. He works predominantly in monochrome and is best known for his portraiture using equipment popular in the 1960s including a 1954 Rolleiflex TLR camera, a Mamiya 645, and a Koni-Omega 6x7.

Themes that recur in Krebs's work include baseball, beaches, children and water sports.

Krebs also plays guitar, bass and organ in several reggae bands, and is the webmaster of HERB (Had Enough Religious Bullshit), a site for anti-Theocracy and anti-religious humor with particular emphasis on cartoons.

Published works

  • Powell, William F.; Krebs, Ed. Photo Tinting (Laguna Hills, CA: Walter Foster, 1999) ISBN 1-56010-299-3
  • Illustrations for Hope, Terry. Better Picture Guide to Black & White Photography 2 (Hove, UK: Roto Vision, 2001) ISBN 2-88046-479-X
  • Cover and internal illustrations for Wilson, David. Children (Hove, UK: Roto Vision, 2001) ISBN 2-88046-535-4
  • Illustrations for Joseph, Cathy. Outdoor Photography: Portraits (New York: AVA, 2005) ISBN 2-88479-061-6

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