Frederick IV, Duke of Austria

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Frederick IV, Duke of Further Austria
Anonym Herzog Friedrich IV. von Tirol.jpg
Frederick IV, Duke of Further Austria, 15th century portrait by an unknown artist
Spouse(s) Elisabeth of the Palatinate
Anna of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Noble family House of Habsburg
Father Leopold III
Mother Viridis Visconti
Born 1382
Died 24 June 1439(1439-06-24)

Frederick IV, Duke of Further Austria (1382 – 24 June 1439), also known as Frederick of the Empty Pockets, was the Habsburg duke of Further Austria from 1402, and Count of Tyrol from 1406, until his death. He was the younger son of Leopold III, Duke of Inner Austria.

Frederick's rule over Tyrol and the scattered Habsburg territories in southwestern Germany and in the Alsace referred to collectively as Vorderösterreich (Further Austria) was formalized in 1402 through a partition of his father's inheritance. Later, in 1406, his elder brother Leopold IV ceded Tyrol to his sole rule when their eldest brother William died; and Frederick became sole ruler in Further Austria only upon Leopold's death in 1411. The early years of Frederick's reign were marked by external and internal conflicts. He had to overcome the opposition of the local nobles (who gave him the title of "Empty Pockets") in 1406/07, and had to deal with the independence movement in Appenzell, which became a protectorate of the Old Swiss Confederacy in 1411.

When he sided with Antipope John XXIII at the Council of Constance, Emperor Sigismund placed him under the Imperial ban. Thanks to the support of the local populace he managed to keep Tyrol, but he lost the Aargau, the old homeland of the Habsburgs, to the Swiss.

By 1425, his rule over Tyrol had stabilized, partially due to the successful beginning of silver mining that brought an increase in prosperity to the region.

Frederick also moved the court from Meran to Innsbruck.

On 24 December 1407, Frederick married Elisabeth of the Palatinate (1381–1408), daughter of Rupert, King of the Romans in Innsbruck, but she died the following year.

On 11 June 1411, Frederick married Anna, daughter of Frederick I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg; they had one son, Sigismund.


  • By Elisabeth of the Palatine:
    • Elisabeth (27 – 28 December 1408)
  • By Anna of Brunswick-Lüneburg:
    • Margaret (1423 – 6 July 1424)
    • Hedwig (1424 – 21 February 1427)
    • Wolfgang (26 February 1426)
    • Sigismund (26 October 1427 – 4 March 1496)


Family of Frederick IV, Duke of Austria
16. Rudolf I of Germany
8. Albert I of Germany
17. Gertrude of Hohenburg
4. Albert II, Duke of Austria
18. Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia
9. Elisabeth of Gorizia-Tyrol
19. Elisabeth of Bavaria
2. Leopold III, Duke of Austria
20. Theobald II of Pfirt
10. Ulrich III of Pfirt
21. Catherine of Klingen
5. Joanna of Pfirt
22. Reginald of Burgundy
11. Joanna of Burgundy
23. Guillemette of Neufchâtel
1. Frederick IV, Duke of Austria
24. Matteo I Visconti
12. Stefano Visconti
25. Violante Bonacosa Borri
6. Bernabò Visconti
26. Barnabo Doria
13. Valentina Doria
27. Eliana Fieschi
3. Viridis Visconti
28. Alboino I della Scala
14. Mastino II della Scala
29. Beatrice da Correggio
7. Beatrice Regina della Scala
30. Jacopo I da Carrara
15. Taddea da Carrara
31. Anna Gradenigo

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Frederick IV, Duke of Austria
Born: 1382 Died: June 24 1439
Preceded by Duke of Further Austria
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