Giovanni Miegge

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Giovanni Miegge

Giovanni Miegge (1900–1961) was an Italian Protestant theologian and author on religious issues.[1] He was professor of theology at the Waldensian school of theology (Facoltà valdese di teologia) in Rome, Italy.

Miegge supported neo-orthodoxy, and promoted the ideas of Karl Barth in Italy, and translated Barth's work on the Epistle to the Romans. Miegge wrote many books, including a biography of Martin Luther published in 1946.

He also wrote the book The Virgin Mary which analyzed Marian teachings from Catholic and Protestant perspectives.[1]

Books about Miegge

  • Giovanni Miegge: teologo e pastore (in Italian [1]) by Sara Saccomani, Claudiana Publishers, 2002

Books by Miegge

  • Karl Barth: Epistle to the Romans, Feltrinelli, Milano 1968,
  • Luther: the Man and his thoughts (1483-1521), Claudiana, Torino 1946, 2003.
  • The Virgin Mary, Claudiana, Torino 1950
  • Visible and Invisible:Christian Affirmations in a Secular Age, Translated by Stephen Neill, A.R. Mowbray, London, 1958
  • Gospel and Myth in the thought of Rudolf Bultmann, Translated by Stephen Neill, Lutterworth Press, London, 1960


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