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Infogalactic welcomes anonymity!

You may choose a username on Infogalactic that does not identify you if you wish. However, careless choices will make it easier to identify you. For example:

  • A username that contains your location and profession is not a good idea, eg RedmondDentist, especially if you write or edit articles with views you are known for in Redmond.
  • A username like FreeBSDCoder would also tend to identify you in that community.
  • A username that you have already used elsewhere.

The choice of username is entirely up to you, however, you will not be able to use the username of an existing registered editor. Also, not the comment below.

Note! While most usernames are acceptable, we will not accept user names that:

  • Make references to political figures, either negative, positive or violent
  • Use sexual references
  • Suggest violence towards anyone