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Galaxians are the users who volunteer to create and edit Infogalactic's information pages, unlike those users who simply read them. Anyone can become a Galaxian by making changes to a page when they find something that can be improved.

Galaxians perform a wide variety of tasks, from fixing typos and identifying vandalism to rating pages and creating new content. There are seven types of Galaxians:

  • unregistered: Unregistered Galaxians are identified by their IP addresses. They are permitted to make edits to the Context and Opinion page levels. They are not permitted to edit Fact pages, or to rate pages or Galaxians.
  • registered: Registered Galaxians are identified by their names and are ranked from level 1 to level 70 on the basis of their contributions. They are permitted to create new pages and edit pages at all three levels, Fact, Context, and Opinion. Depending upon their level, they are permitted to rate the Relativity, Notability, and Reliability of pages and the Relativity and Reliability of other Galaxians.
  • corporate: Corporate Galaxians are identified by their green-colored names. They are permitted to create and edit Fact and Context pages.
  • Starlords: Starlords are administrators and have special powers to manage other Galaxians and ensure the smooth operation of Infogalactic.
  • Corelords: Corelords are professional corporate administrators.
  • Techstars: Techstars are the technical volunteers who are responsible for keeping Infogalactic running and adding to Infogalactic's feature set.
  • Councilors: Councilors are the members of Infogalactic's ruling body.

Every registered Galaxian is scored by two dynamic ratings, Relativity and Reliability. These are ratings that are the collective score of ratings given directly to the Galaxian as well those given indirectly to edits the Galaxian has made.

Bug List for Galaxians

An open bug list is maintained for Galaxians to report editing bugs they encounter as well as track bugs that have been fixed.