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This is the plan for future Infogalactic development. Infogalactic is presently operational in Phase One and expects to begin Phase Two development in January. To help Infogalactic implement these new features, please visit Donations and Merchandise.

Phase One


  • Image load speed improvement
  • Search time speed improvement
  • Integration with Brave browser
  • Operational ad server
  • Additional administration and editing levels

Phase Two

  • DONTPANIC engine
  • Dynamic page updates
  • Improved Database categories
  • Relativity, Reliability, and Notability 1.0 algorithms

Phase Three

  • Tri-level page content: Fact, Context, Opinion
  • Verified autobiography sub-pages
  • Preference filtering
  • Initial gamification and status bling operational
  • Safe Mode
  • Gab integration
  • User Interface 2.0 Beta
  • Gamification and status bling complete

Phase Four

  • Preference filtering launch
  • User Interface 2.0 launch
  • Personal pages Alpha

Phase Five

  • External API
  • Personal pages Beta
  • Communication system Alpha