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John Augustine Washington (1736–1787)[1] was a member of the fifth Virginia Convention and a founding member of the Mississippi Land Company.[2] During the American Revolution he was a member of Westmoreland County's Committee of Safety and the Chairman of the County Committee for Relief of Boston.[1][3]

He was the brother of President George Washington and the third son of Mary Ball and Augustine Washington. John Washington married Hannah Bushrod (d. 1801) in 1756 and lived with her in the Washington family estate, Mount Vernon, until 1759 when her father John Bushrod became ill. John Augustine and Hannah moved their family to the Bushrod family estate, Bushfield, to be with her ailing father, who died in 1760. Hannah inherited Bushfield where she and her family remained and increased to six children. One of their children was Supreme Court Justice Bushrod Washington. John Augustine and Hannah are believed to be buried on the grounds of Bushfield, but no stone remains to mark their graves in the family plot.


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