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Veganism extends from observing a vegan diet—which is a diet that includes no animals or animal products of any kind—to an entire lifestyle that precludes animal products from all aspects of life. Besides food, vegans may also choose to avoid clothes that utilise products such as leather and fur, cosmetics that have been tested on animals, and blood sports such as bullfighting and fox hunting. People who adopt veganism for ethical reasons will often avoid or boycott all products or activities where their production or undertaking is perceived to exploit animals. All the people on this list are understood to adhere to a vegan diet, although their veganism may extend beyond just a dietary commitment.


Name Occupation Birthplace Source
Aaltola, ElisaElisa Aaltola Philosopher Finland [1]
Ackerman, ChadChad Ackerman Singer, songwriter United States [2]
Adams, BryanBryan Adams Singer, songwriter Canada [3]
Adams, Carol J.Carol J. Adams Writer United States [4]
Affleck, CaseyCasey Affleck Actor United States [5]
Alcott, Amos BronsonAmos Bronson Alcott Activist and writer United States [6]
Al-Maʿarri Philosopher Syria [7]
Amis, SuzySuzy Amis Actress United States [8]
Amstell, SimonSimon Amstell Comedian United Kingdom [9]
Anderson, PamelaPamela Anderson Actress Canada [10]
Apple, FionaFiona Apple Singer, songwriter United States [11]
Aries, AustinAustin Aries Professional wrestler United States [12]
Aronofsky, DarrenDarren Aronofsky Film director United States [13]
Arm, Allisyn AshleyAllisyn Ashley Arm Actress United States [14]
Awesome, Cam F.Cam F. Awesome Boxer United States [15]
Baboumian, PatrikPatrik Baboumian Sportsman Germany [16]
Badu, ErykahErykah Badu Singer, songwriter United States [17]
Bailey, TomTom Bailey Musician United Kingdom [18]
Baldwin, AlecAlec Baldwin Actor United States [19]
Balcombe, JonathanJonathan Balcombe Ethologist United Kingdom [20]
Ball, MattMatt Ball Company director United States [21]
Balluch, MartinMartin Balluch Physicist Austria [22]
Barker, TravisTravis Barker Musician United States [23]
Blum, BrunoBruno Blum Musician France [24]
Barnard, NealNeal Barnard Physician United States [25]
Baur, GeneGene Baur Activist United States [26]
Begley, Jr., EdEd Begley, Jr. Actor United States [27]
Bekoff, MarcMarc Bekoff Ethologist United States [28]
Bell, BrianBrian Bell Musician United States [29]
Bell, KristenKristen Bell Actress United States [30][31]
Bergamasco, MircoMirco Bergamasco Rugby player Italy [32]
Best, StevenSteven Best Philosopher United States [33]
Bialik, MayimMayim Bialik Actress United States [34]
Bixler-Zavala, CedricCedric Bixler-Zavala Musician United States [35]
Black, BethanyBethany Black Comedian United Kingdom [36]
Blair, LindaLinda Blair Actress United States [37]
Bloom, LisaLisa Bloom Lawyer United States [38]
Bogdanovich, PeterPeter Bogdanovich Film director United States [39]
Booker, CoryCory Booker Politician United States [40]
Boyd, DarrenDarren Boyd Actor United Kingdom [41]
Brand, RussellRussell Brand Actor, Comedian United Kingdom [42]
Brazier, BrendanBrendan Brazier Athlete Canada [43]
Brennan, SeanSean Brennan Musician United States [44]
Bridges, BeauBeau Bridges Actor United States [45]
Briggs, DanDan Briggs Musician United States [46]
Brinkley, ChristieChristie Brinkley Model United States [47]
Brophy, BrigidBrigid Brophy Writer United Kingdom [48]
Brown, Patrick O.Patrick O. Brown Biochemist United States [49]
Browning, MarkMark Browning Singer-songwriter Canada [50]
Burgan, HunterHunter Burgan Musician United States [51]
Burguieres, AllyAlly Burguieres Artist United States [52]
Butler, GeezerGeezer Butler Musician United Kingdom [53]
Calabrese, KarynKaryn Calabrese Chef United States [54]
Cameron, JamesJames Cameron Film director Canada [55]
Cameron, MollyMolly Cameron Cyclist United States [56]
Campbell, T. ColinT. Colin Campbell Biochemist United States [57]
Capleton Musician Jamaica [58]
Carter , DavidDavid Carter American football player United States [59][60]
Carter, Daniel P.Daniel P. Carter Musician and radio DJ United Kingdom [61]
Chastain, JessicaJessica Chastain Actress United States [62]
Chávez, CésarCésar Chávez Farmer United States [63]
Cheeke, RobertRobert Cheeke Bodybuilder United States [64]
Chikezie Singer United States [65]
Church, George M.George M. Church Scientist United States [66]
Cipes, GregGreg Cipes Actor United States [67]
Cohn, KneelKneel Cohn Musician United States [68]
Constantino, YengYeng Constantino Singer Philippines [69]
Cooper, TT Cooper Novelist United States [70]
Coscarelli, ChloeChloe Coscarelli Chef United States [71]
Crab, RogerRoger Crab Ascetic Kingdom of England [72]
Crew, AmandaAmanda Crew Actress Canada [73]
Crockett, JuliJuli Crockett Playwright United States [74]
Cromwell, JamesJames Cromwell Actor United States [75]
Cumming, AlanAlan Cumming Actor United Kingdom [76]
Cummo, LukeLuke Cummo MMA Fighter United States [19]
Cyrus, MileyMiley Cyrus Singer, songwriter and actress United States [77]
Danson, TedTed Danson Actor United States [78]
Danzig, MacMac Danzig MMA Fighter United States [79]
Davis, AngelaAngela Davis Civil rights activist United States [80][81]
Davis, KarenKaren Davis Businesswoman United States [82]
Davis, StephSteph Davis Rock climber United States [83]
Davison, RosannaRosanna Davison Model Republic of Ireland [84]
Dekker, ThomasThomas Dekker Actor United States [85]
Desaulniers, EliseElise Desaulniers Journalist Canada [86]
Deschanel, EmilyEmily Deschanel Actress United States [87]
Dewan-Tatum, JennaJenna Dewan-Tatum Actress United States [88]
Dinklage, PeterPeter Dinklage Actor United States [89]
Dinshah, H. JayH. Jay Dinshah Activist United States [90]
Donaldson, SueSue Donaldson Writer Canada [91]
Donohoe, AlanAlan Donohoe Musician United Kingdom [92]
Dorf, Michael C.Michael C. Dorf Lawyer United States [93]
Dorn, MichaelMichael Dorn Actor United States [94]
Drnovšek, JanezJanez Drnovšek Politician Slovenia [95]
Duhamel, MeaganMeagan Duhamel Pair skater Canada [96]
Dunayer, JoanJoan Dunayer Writer United States [97]
Electroboy Model Germany [98]
Ebdon, PeterPeter Ebdon Snooker player United Kingdom [99]
Esselstyn, CaldwellCaldwell Esselstyn Physician United States [100]
Estrada, Jade EstebanJade Esteban Estrada Humorist United States [101]
Faith, WilliamWilliam Faith Musician United States [102]
Feldmann, JohnJohn Feldmann Musician United States [103]
Ferdin, PamelynPamelyn Ferdin Actress United States [104]
Fisher, AdamAdam Fisher Musician United States [105]
Fitch, JonJon Fitch MMA Fighter United States [106]
Ford, William ClayWilliam Clay Ford, Jr. Politician United States [19]
Arian Foster NFL football player United States [107]
Francione, GaryGary Francione Lawyer United States [108]
Franti, MichaelMichael Franti Reggae artist United States [109]
Freston, KathyKathy Freston Author United States [110]
Friedman, Glen E.Glen E. Friedman Photographer United States [111]
Friedrich, BruceBruce Friedrich Film director United States [112]
Furler, SiaSia Furler Singer Australia [113]


Name Occupation Birthplace Source
Gandhi, ManekaManeka Gandhi Politician India [114]
Garg, AnuAnu Garg Author India [115]
Garner, RobertRobert Garner Political theorist United Kingdom [116]
Gellatley, JulietJuliet Gellatley Writer United Kingdom [117]
Gerhart, ChristenChristen Gerhart Magician, web host United States [118]
Gibb, RobinRobin Gibb Singer-songwriter United Kingdom [119]
Gilbert, SaraSara Gilbert Actress United States [120]
Gold, Craig TaroCraig Taro Gold Writer United States [121]
Gordy, BerryBerry Gordy Record producer United States [122]
Gore, AlAl Gore Politician United States [123]
Goulding, EllieEllie Goulding Singer, songwriter United Kingdom [124]
Graaf, VolkertVolkert van der Graaf Unknown Netherlands [125]
Grace, Laura JaneLaura Jane Grace Musician United States [126]
Grande, ArianaAriana Grande Actress, Singer-Songwriter United States [127]
Greene, BrianBrian Greene Physicist United States [128]
Greger, MichaelMichael Greger Physician United States [129]
Günsberg, AndrewAndrew Günsberg Radio and television presenter Australia [130]
Shahidi, RoxyRoxy Shahidi Actress United Kingdom [131]
Hagman, LarryLarry Hagman Actor United States [132]
Hall, John S.John S. Hall Poet United States [133]
Halliday, JordanJordan Halliday Activist United States [134]
Hallström, LasseLasse Hallström Film director Sweden [135]
Hanh, Thich NhatThich Nhat Hanh Zen Buddhist monk Vietnam [136]
Hannah, DarylDaryl Hannah Actress United States [137]
Hardy, MariekeMarieke Hardy Writer Australia [138]
Harnad, StevanStevan Harnad Cognitive scientist Hungary [139]
Harrelson, WoodyWoody Harrelson Actor United States [140]
Harrison, EllieEllie Harrison Artist United Kingdom [141]
Hart, RobertRobert A de J Hart Horticulturist United Kingdom [142]
Havok, DaveyDavey Havok Musician United States [143]
Hawthorne, MarkMark Hawthorne Writer United States [144]
Haye, DavidDavid Haye Boxer United Kingdom [145]
Chris Hedges Journalist United States [146]
Liam Hemsworth Actor Australia [147]
Hofstadter, DouglasDouglas Hofstadter Cognitive scientist United States [148]
Howell, DeanDean Howell Association footballer United Kingdom [149]
Hurley, AndyAndy Hurley Drummer United States [150]
Hynde, ChrissieChrissie Hynde Musician United States [151]
Ildjarn Musician Norway [152]
Imus, DonDon Imus Radio host United States [153]
Ingle, Christofer DrewChristofer Drew Ingle Musician United States [154]
Ito, JoiJoi Ito Entrepreneur Japan [19]
Jacobs , GeorgeGeorge Jacobs Educator United States [155]
Jamieson, CathyCathy Jamieson Politician United Kingdom [156]
Janssen, FamkeFamke Janssen Actress Netherlands [157]
Johnson, EricEric Johnson NFL football player United States [158]
Joseph, JohnJohn Joseph Singer United States [159]
Joy, MelanieMelanie Joy Social psychologist United States [160]
Jurek, ScottScott Jurek Runner United States [161]
Kanal, TonyTony Kanal Musician United States [162]
Kaplan, MyqMyq Kaplan Actor United States [163]
Kasem, CaseyCasey Kasem Disc jockey United States [164]
Kay, TonyaTonya Kay Dancer United States [165]
Keith, ShannonShannon Keith Lawyer United States [166]
Keller, WadeWade Keller Sports writer United States [167]
Rao, KiranKiran Rao Film producer, screenwriter and director India [168][169][170]
Khan, AamirAamir Khan Actor India [171]
Kiedis, AnthonyAnthony Kiedis Singer, songwriter United States [172]
Kilbey, SteveSteve Kilbey Singer, songwriter United Kingdom [173]
Kilkenny, AllisonAllison Kilkenny Journalist United States [174]
Kilstein, JamieJamie Kilstein Comedian United States [175]
King, Coretta ScottCoretta Scott King Author United States [176]
King, Dexter ScottDexter Scott King Activist United States [177]
Kinsella, JohnJohn Kinsella Poet Australia [178]
Klaper, MichaelMichael Klaper Physician United States [179]
Kline, ForrestForrest Kline Musician United States [180]
Kolla, KathyKathy Kolla Film director United States [181]
Konietzko, BryanBryan Konietzko Animation director United States [182]
Kramer, SarahSarah Kramer Writer Canada [183]
Kucinich, DennisDennis Kucinich Politician United States [184]
Kucinich, ElizabethElizabeth Kucinich Company director United States [185]
Kymlicka, WillWill Kymlicka Philosopher Canada [91][186]
Lally, AndyAndy Lally Race car driver United States [187]
Lalvani, GuluGulu Lalvani Entrepreneur Pakistan [19]
Lako LoSarah, LaduleLadule Lako LoSarah Footballer United States [188]
lang, k.d.k.d. lang Singer, songwriter Canada [189]
Langley, GillGill Langley Scientist United Kingdom [190]
Lanza, AdamAdam Lanza None known United States [191]
Lapin, NicoleNicole Lapin News anchor United States [192]
Laraque, GeorgesGeorges Laraque Ice hockey player Canada [19]
Lee, MandyMandy Lee Musician United States [193][unreliable source?]
Lee, RonnieRonnie Lee Animal rights activist United Kingdom [194]
Leifer, CarolCarol Leifer Comedienne United States [195]
Leo, TedTed Leo Singer, songwriter United States [196]
Lester, Jason P.Jason P. Lester Athlete United States [197]
Lewis, CarlCarl Lewis Athlete United States [198]
Lewis, LeonaLeona Lewis Singer/Songwriter United Kingdom [199]
Linden, BobBob Linden Radio producer United States [200]
Linzey, AndrewAndrew Linzey Theologian United Kingdom [201]
Litman, EricEric Litman Entrepreneur United States [202]
Lyman, HowardHoward Lyman Farmer United States [203]
Lyxzén, DennisDennis Lyxzén Musician Sweden [204]


Name Occupation Birthplace Source
B, MackaMacka B Musician United Kingdom [205]
MacKaye, IanIan MacKaye Singer, songwriter United States [206]
Mackey, JohnJohn Mackey CEO and founder of Whole Foods Market United States [19]
Madden, MichaelMichael Madden Musician United States [207]
Mann, KeithKeith Mann Animal rights activist United Kingdom [208]
Marr, JohnnyJohnny Marr Musician United Kingdom [209]
Marshall, LizLiz Marshall Filmmaker Canada [210]
Mascherino, FredFred Mascherino Musician United States [211]
Masson, Jeffrey MoussaieffJeffrey Moussaieff Masson Writer United States [212]
Mathews, DanDan Mathews Businessman United States [213]
Matisyahu Singer-songwriter United States [214]
Matos, AndreAndre Matos Musician Brazil [215]
Max, JoshJosh Max Musician United States [216]
Max, PeterPeter Max Artist United States [217]
McArthur, Jo-AnneJo-Anne McArthur Photographer Canada [218]
McCarthy, KerryKerry McCarthy Politician United Kingdom [219]
McCarthy, JennyJenny McCarthy Model United States [220]
McGonigal, JaneJane McGonigal Game designer United States [221]
McIlrath, TimTim McIlrath Singer, songwriter United States [222]
McKay, NellieNellie McKay Actress United States [223]
McWilliams, James E.James E. McWilliams Author United States [224]
McWilliams-Franklin, TajTaj McWilliams-Franklin Basketball player United States [225]
Michele, LeaLea Michele Actress United States [226][227]
Mell, LuisaLuisa Mell Actress Brazil [228]
Merzbow Musician Japan [229]
Miller, EdEd Miller Author United States [230]
Mills, HeatherHeather Mills Restaurateur United Kingdom [231]
Moby Musician United States [232]
Monet, DaniellaDaniella Monet Actress United States [233]
Monson, ShaunShaun Monson Film director United States [234]
Moore, DemiDemi Moore Actress United States [235][dead link]
Moran, VictoriaVictoria Moran Writer United States [236]
Morris, JimJim Morris Bodybuilder United States [237]
Morrissey Singer, songwriter United Kingdom [238]
Moskowitz, Isa ChandraIsa Chandra Moskowitz Chef United States [196]
Moss, Carrie AnneCarrie Anne Moss Actress Canada [239]
Moulitsas, MarkosMarkos Moulitsas Political blogger United States [240]
Mowry, TiaTia Mowry Actress Germany [241]
Mraz, JasonJason Mraz Singer-songwriter United States [242]
Munro, WillWill Munro Artist Australia [243]
Mutabaruka Poet Jamaica [244]
Naked, BifBif Naked Punk rock singer Canada [245]
Negreanu, DanielDaniel Negreanu Professional poker player Canada [19]
Němcová, PetraPetra Němcová Supermodel Czech Republic [246]
Newkirk, IngridIngrid Newkirk Businessman United Kingdom [247]
Neshek, PatPat Neshek Baseball player United States [248]
Nibert, DavidDavid Nibert Sociologist United States [249]
Nicholson, HeatherHeather Nicholson Animal rights activist United Kingdom [250]
Nominjin Singer Mongolia [251]
N.O.R.E. Rapper United States [252]
Norris, JackJack Norris President of Vegan Outreach United States [253]
O'Connor, SinéadSinéad O'Connor Singer Ireland [254]
Oh, SandraSandra Oh Actress Canada [235]
Oléria, EllenEllen Oléria Singer, songwriter, actress Brazil [255]
Olson, BreeBree Olson Actress United States [256][257]
O'Neill, AndrewAndrew O'Neill Comedian United Kingdom [258]
Oomen, StenSten Oomen Author Netherlands [259]
Ornelas, laurenlauren Ornelas Animal rights advocate, founder of Food Empowerment Project United States [260]
Oropesa, LisetteLisette Oropesa Operatic Soprano United States [261]
Pacelle, WayneWayne Pacelle President and CEO, Humane Society of the United States United States [262]
Pacheco, AlexAlex Pacheco Co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals United States [263]
Page, EllenEllen Page Actress Canada [264]
Park, AlanAlan Park Comedian Canada [265]
Pascoe, SaraSara Pascoe Comedian United Kingdom [266]
Paterson, RobertRobert Paterson Composer United States [267]
Patrick, MarcusMarcus Patrick Actor United Kingdom [268]
Patrick-Goudreau, ColleenColleen Patrick-Goudreau Author United States [269]
Pearce , DavidDavid Pearce Philosopher United Kingdom [270]
Pearson, JustinJustin Pearson Musician United States [271]
Pecknold, RobinRobin Pecknold Singer United States [272]
Perry, LindaLinda Perry Musician United States [120]
Pep Love Rapper United States [273]
Petrozza, MilleMille Petrozza Musician Germany [274]
Pfeiffer, MichelleMichelle Pfeiffer Actress United States [275]
Phipps, JillJill Phipps Animal rights activist United Kingdom [276]
Phoenix, JoaquinJoaquin Phoenix Actor United States [277]
Phoenix, RainRain Phoenix Actress United States [278]
Phoenix, RiverRiver Phoenix Actor United States [279]
Phoenix, SummerSummer Phoenix Actress United States [280]
Pilkey, DavDav Pilkey Author United States [281]
Piraro, DanDan Piraro Cartoonist United States [282]
Portman, NatalieNatalie Portman Actress Israel [283]
Prepon, LauraLaura Prepon Actress United States [113]
Prince Singer, songwriter United States [284]
Princess Superstar Musician United States [285]
Propagandhi Musicians Canada [286]
Linnea Quigley Actress United States [287]
Quivers, RobinRobin Quivers Talk-show host United States [288]
Raff, GideonGideon Raff Film and television director Israel [289]
Randall, RandyRandy Randall Musician United States [290]
Ranganathan, RomeshRomesh Ranganathan Actor United Kingdom [291]
Regan, TomTom Regan Philosopher United States [292]
Regout, HubertusHubertus Regout Actor Belgium [293]
Rice, SantinoSantino Rice Fashion designer United States [294]
Richards, MonicaMonica Richards Musician United States [102]
Robb, JohnJohn Robb Musician United Kingdom [295]
Roberts, EricEric Roberts Actor United States [296]
Robertson, NeilNeil Robertson Snooker player Australia [297]
Robinson, Neil Neil Robinson Footballer United Kingdom [298]
Rockett, RikkiRikki Rockett Drummer United States [299]
Rodríguez-López, OmarOmar Rodríguez-López Musician United States [300]
Rosenberg, KirstenKirsten Rosenberg Singer United States [301]
Rossi, PortiaPortia de Rossi Actress Australia [302]
Rowley, GeoffGeoff Rowley Skateboarder United Kingdom [303]
Runkle, NathanNathan Runkle Executive director of Mercy for Animals United States [304]
Russell, AdamAdam Russell Musician United States [305]


Name Occupation Birthplace Source
Salley, JohnJohn Salley Talk show host United States [306]
Sane, JustinJustin Sane Guitarist United States [307]
Schneider, JohnJohn Schneider Actor United States [308]
Scott, MikeMike Scott Musician England [309]
Scully, CarlCarl Scully Former politician Australia [310]
Scully, MatthewMatthew Scully Journalist United States [311]
Sea, DanielaDaniela Sea Actress United States [312]
Segerbäck, AngelicaAngelica Segerbäck Singer Sweden [313]
S-Endz Musician United Kingdom [314]
Shapiro, PaulPaul Shapiro Businessman United States [315]
Sharp, CecilCecil Sharp Musician United Kingdom [316]
Sheehan, CindyCindy Sheehan American anti-war activist United States [317]
Shieff, TimTim Shieff Athlete United Kingdom [318]
Shields, JakeJake Shields MMA Fighter United States [319]
Siddle, PeterPeter Siddle Cricketer Australia [297]
Silverstone, AliciaAlicia Silverstone Actress United States [320]
Simmons, RussellRussell Simmons Entrepreneur United States [19]
Simon, SamSam Simon Director United States [321]
Slick, GraceGrace Slick Musician United States [322]
Small, HeatherHeather Small Singer United Kingdom [323]
Smith, MandyMandy Smith Media personality United Kingdom [324]
Somers, AlexAlex Somers Musician United States [325]
Spunt, Dean AllenDean Allen Spunt Musician United States [290]
Stallwood, KimKim Stallwood Animal rights activist United Kingdom [326]
Stepaniak, JoanneJoanne Stepaniak Writer United States [327]
Steve-O Stunt performer United States [328]
Stevens, DanDan Stevens Actor United Kingdom [329]
Stone, BizBiz Stone Entrepreneur United States [330]
Stoner, LyndaLynda Stoner Actress Australia [331]
Stoudamire, SalimSalim Stoudamire Basketball player United States [79]
Straitjacket, DavidDavid Straitjacket Escape artist United Kingdom [332]
Stronach, BelindaBelinda Stronach Businesswoman Canada [333]
Studdard, RubenRuben Studdard Singer United States [334]
Sullivan, William JohnWilliam John Sullivan Writer United States [335]
Sunde, PeterPeter Sunde Businessman Sweden [336]
Sursara, ElissaElissa Sursara Actress Australia [337]
Swift, EmberEmber Swift Singer-songwriter Canada [338]
Sykes, OliverOliver Sykes Musician United Kingdom [339]
Sztybel, DavidDavid Sztybel Ethicist Canada [340]
Tallarico, TommyTommy Tallarico Composer United States [341]
Taylor, ChristineChristine Taylor Actress United States [342]
Teegarden, AimeeAimee Teegarden Actress United States [343]
Templeton, EdEd Templeton Skateboarder United States [344]
Terry, BryantBryant Terry Chef United States [345]
Thieme, MarianneMarianne Thieme Politician The Netherlands [346]
Torres, BobBob Torres Sociologist United States [347]
Tuttle, WillWill Tuttle Author United States [348]
Tyler, AndrewAndrew Tyler Journalist United Kingdom [349]
UltraMantis Black Professional wrestler United States [350]
Underwood, CarrieCarrie Underwood Singer, songwriter United States [351]
Ure, JeanJean Ure Writer United Kingdom [352]
Vardaros, ChristineChristine Vardaros Professional cyclist United States [353]
Velasquez, JaciJaci Velasquez Singer United States [354]
Velez-Mitchell, JaneJane Velez-Mitchell Author United States [355]
Vieira, MeredithMeredith Vieira Journalist United States [356]
Vince, DaleDale Vince Businessman United Kingdom [349]
Vincent, KyleKyle Vincent Singer-songwriter United States [357]
Visser, YolandiYolandi Visser Vocalist South Africa [358]
Von D, KatKat Von D Tattoo artist United States [359]
von Frankenstein, Doyle WolfgangDoyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Musician United States [360][361]
Voyevoda, AlexeyAlexey Voyevoda Bobsledder Russia [362]
Ward , BillBill Ward Drummer United Kingdom [363]
Watson, DonaldDonald Watson Teacher United Kingdom [364]
Watson, PaulPaul Watson Conservationist Canada [365]
Webster, Wendy TurnerWendy Turner Webster Journalist United Kingdom [366]
Weinhofen, JonaJona Weinhofen Musician Australia [367]
Whalen, GriffGriff Whalen NFL football player United States [368]
White, BarryBarry White Singer-songwriter United States [369]
White, MikeMike White Scriptwriter United States [370]
White, PersiaPersia White Actress United States [371]
White-Gluz, AlissaAlissa White-Gluz Vocalist Canada [372]
Wiese, JohnJohn Wiese Artist United States [373]
Wilde, OliviaOlivia Wilde Actress United States [374]
Wilks, JamesJames Wilks MMA Fighter United States [375]
Williams, RickyRicky Williams NFL football player United States [376]
Williams, SaulSaul Williams Musician United States [377]
Williams, Vanessa A.Vanessa A. Williams Actress United States [378]
Williams, WendyWendy Williams Talkshow host United States [379]
Williams-Crosby, SpiceSpice Williams-Crosby Actress United States [380]
Williamson, ChrisChris Williamson Politician United Kingdom [381][382]
Winograd, NathanNathan Winograd Author United States [383]
Wollen, PhilipPhilip Wollen Businessman Australia [384][385]
Wyler, GretchenGretchen Wyler Actress United States [386]
Wynn, SteveSteve Wynn Entrepreneur United States [19]
Wynne-Tyson, JonJon Wynne-Tyson Publisher United Kingdom [387]
Yanklowitz, ShmulyShmuly Yanklowitz Activist, writer United States [388]
Yankovic, "Weird Al""Weird Al" Yankovic Singer, songwriter United States [389]
Yates, RogerRoger Yates Sociologist United Kingdom [390]
Yauch, AdamAdam Yauch Musician United States [391]
Young, BellamyBellamy Young Actress and producer United States [392][393]
Young, Peter DanielPeter Daniel Young Animal rights activist United States [394]
Yourofsky, GaryGary Yourofsky Animal rights activist United States [395]
Zabriskie, DavidDavid Zabriskie Cyclist United States [396]
Zephaniah, BenjaminBenjamin Zephaniah Poet United Kingdom [397]
Zigomanis, MikeMike Zigomanis Ice hockey player Canada [398]
Zombie, RobRob Zombie Musician United States [399]
Zombie, Sheri MoonSheri Moon Zombie Actress United States [400]
Zuckerman, MortimerMortimer Zuckerman Entrepreneur Canada [19]

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