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Mark Alexander Pollack (26 April 1874 in Omaha, Nebraska – 1 November 1946 in Havana, Cuba) was one of the largest exporters of Cuban tobacco, a painter, and the owner of "La Mansion".

In the 1910s, he founded the firm "Pollack y Compania, S.A." (Pollack & Company, S.A.), a tobacco exporting company, which he ran until his death in 1946. His son, Roberto succeeded him as president. Pollack also served for many years as the President of the Leaf Tobacco Dealers and Growers of Cuba Association.

Pollack was the third of five children and son of Alexander Pollack (1837–?) and Belle A. Rothschild (1848–1936). He was married to Maria del Carmen Casuso y Ollea (1879–1946) and they had three children:

Enrique Pollack had three children, Henry Pollack one of Mark's great-grandsons', is a well-known South Florida radio host, Alfred J. Pollack, and Barbra M. Pollack


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