List of Mexican governors of New Mexico

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Mexican Governor of New Mexico
Bandera Histórica de la República Mexicana (1824-1918).svg
Residence Sante Fe
Appointer Emperor of Mexico (1822–1823)
President of Mexico (1823–1846)
Precursor Spanish Governors of New Mexico
Formation January 1822; 199 years ago (1822-01)
First holder Facundo Melgares
Final holder Juan Bautista Vigil y Alarid
Abolished September 1846; 175 years ago (1846-09)
Succession Military Governors of New Mexico (U.S.)
Political divisions of the Centralist Republic of Mexico, ca. 1836–1846

Mexican Governors of New Mexico were the political chief executives of the province and later territory of Santa Fe de Nuevo México (New Mexico) between 1822, when Mexico gained independence from Spain, and 1846, when the United States occupied the territory following the Mexican–American War.


In January 1822 the last Governor under the Spanish regime, Facundo Melgares, lost the title of governor and was now called géfe político (political chief) and géfe militar (military chief).[1] Melgáres left the political office on July 5, 1822, and Francisco Xavier Chavez took his place, holding office for just five months, when he was succeeded in November 1822 by Colonel José Antonio Vizcarra. Vizcarra had succeeded Melgáres as géfe militar in October 1822.[2] In September 1823, a retired Militia Captain named Don Bartolomé Baca was appointed géfe politico'.' Eleven more men were to serve as either géfe político or governor before the occupation of New Mexico in 1846 by the United States Army during the Mexican–American War.[3]

New Mexico was at first a province of the Estado interno del Norte, with capital in Chihuahua. As of July 6, 1824, New Mexico was made a separate territory, with El Paso del Norte (now called Ciudad Juárez) transferred from New Mexico to the State of Chihuahua.[4]

Political chiefs and governors

The political chiefs (géfe políticos) or governors were:[5]

Start End Name Notes
January 1822 July 1822 Facundo Melgares
July 1822 November 1822 Francisco Xavier Chávez
November 1822 September 1823 José Antonio Vizcarra
August 1823 September 1825 Bartolomé Baca
September 1825 May 1827 Antonio Narbona
1827 1829 Manuel Armijo First term
September 1829 1832 José Antonio Chaves
1832 1833 Santiago Abreú
1833 14 May 1835 Francisco Sarracino
July 1835 August 1837 Albino Pérez Assassinated in office
1837 1844 Manuel Armijo Second term
31 January 1844 10 April 1844 Mariano Chaves Acting; son of Francisco Xavier Chávez
10 April 1844 29 April 1844 Felipe Sena Acting
29 April 1844 1845 Mariano Martínez de Lejanza
1 May 1845 16 November 1845 José Chavéz y Castillo Acting; son of Francisco Xavier Chávez
November 1845 August 1846 Manuel Armijo Third term
August 1846 September 1846 Juan Bautista Vigil y Alarid Interim

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