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"Contrary to the self-admiring cliché about Washington being a city that runs on power, almost no one in D.C. has any real power, so it's a city that runs on suck-uppery and B.S. I personally know of five people who claim to be advising the president, who aren't, and I don't get out much." —Ann Coulter [1]

1. SJWs Always Lie

As a pecking-order-obsessed neurotic parasite, the social justice warrior is a pathological liar.

2. SJWs Always Double Down

When caught, the pathological liar is instinctively compelled to defend his lying by going big.

3. SJWs Always Project

"The first rule of propaganda is to accuse your enemy of doing exactly that which you yourself are doing."John Barron, KGB Today: The Hidden Hand, pb. 1984

4. SJWs Always Turn On You

To move up in the pecking order, SJWs constantly probe each other for signs of weakness as if starving piranha in a shrinking pond. "Normals" (non-SJWs) were the initial targets in a pre-converged institution, but after its seizure, they can only clamber upward further at the expense of other SJWs. Each strives to be more holier-than-thou than the next, as they are acutely aware that their employment is dispensed on the basis of service to an ulterior agenda set by those at the top, not on the basis of any merit they ostensibly possess. All SJWs loathe each other behind plastic smiles, for they are competitors around the cannibal pot and are never sure who'll be going in next. (Getting its start on Reddit in 2016, "Rule 4" was popularized by Diversity & Comics in 2017.)

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