The Brethren (non-fiction)

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The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court
Author Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong
Country United States
Language English
Subject Supreme Court of the United States
Published 1979 by Simon & Schuster
Pages 467
ISBN 0-671-24110-9
OCLC 61201839

The Brethren is a 1979 book by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong. It gives a "behind-the-scenes" account of the United States Supreme Court during Warren Burger's early years as Chief Justice of the United States.

Using Woodward's trademark writing technique involving "off-the-record" sources, the book provides an account of the deliberations leading to some of the more controversial Court decisions from the 1970s. Among the cases with substantial treatment in the book was the decision in United States v. Nixon (1974), where the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that President Richard Nixon was legally obligated to turn over the Watergate tapes.

In 1985, upon the death of Associate Justice Potter Stewart, Woodward disclosed that Stewart had been the primary source for The Brethren.[1]