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The flag of a U.S. Assistant Attorney General.

Many of the divisions and offices of the United States Department of Justice are headed by an Assistant Attorney General.

The President of the United States appoints individuals to the position of Assistant Attorney General with the advice and consent of the Senate.[1] United States Department of Justice components that are led by an Assistant Attorney General are:

Assistant Attorneys General report either to the Deputy Attorney General (in the case of the Criminal Division, the Justice Management Division and the Offices of Legal Counsel, Legislative Affairs, and Legal Policy) or to the Associate Attorney General (in the case of the Antitrust, Civil, Civil Rights, Environment & Natural Resources, and Tax Divisions and the Office of Justice Programs).

List of US Assistant Attorneys General

Assistant Attorney General

Name Years of Service Appointed By President
Titian J. Coffey 1880–1884 Chester A. Arthur
Zachariah Montgomery 1885–1889 Grover Cleveland
John C. Chaney 1889–1893 Benjamin Harrison
William Arden Maury 1889–1893 Benjamin Harrison
Holmes Conrad 1893–1895 Grover Cleveland
Edward Baldwin Whitney 1895-1897 Grover Cleveland
James Clark McReynolds 1903–1907 Theodore Roosevelt
Edward Terry Sanford 1907–1908 Theodore Roosevelt
James Alexander Fowler 1908-1911 Theodore Roosevelt
William H. Lewis 1910 William Taft
Ernest Knaebel 1911–1916 Woodrow Wilson
William L. Frierson 1917–1921 Woodrow Wilson
Mabel Walker Willebrandt 1921–1929 Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge
Roger Wilkins 1966–1969 Lyndon Johnson
Wesley Pomeroy 1968–1969 Richard Nixon

Antitrust Division

Name Years of Service Appointed By
William Joseph Donovan 1926–1927 Calvin Coolidge
Robert H. Jackson 1937–1938 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Thurman Arnold 1938–1943 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Wendell Berge 1943–1947 Franklin D. Roosevelt
John F. Sonnet 1947–1948 Harry S. Truman
Herbert Bergson 1948–1950 Harry S. Truman
Leonard Bessman 1950–1951 Harry S. Truman
H. Graham Morison 1951–1952 Harry S. Truman
Newell A. Clapp 1952–1953 acting
Stanley Barnes 1953–1956 Eisenhower
Victor R. Hansen 1956–1959 Eisenhower
Robert A. Bicks 1959–1961 Eisenhower
Lee Loevinger 1961–1963 Kennedy
William Horsley Orrick, Jr. 1963–1965 Kennedy
Donald F. Turner 1965–1968 Lyndon Johnson
Edwin Zimmerman 1968–1969 Lyndon Johnson
Richard W. McLaren 1969–1972 Richard Nixon
Walker B. Comegys 1972 acting
Thomas E. Kauper 1972-1976 Richard Nixon
Donald I. Baker 1976-1977 Gerald R. Ford
John H. Shenefield 1977-1979 Jimmy Carter
Sanford Litvack 1979-1981 Jimmy Carter
William Baxter 1981–1983 Ronald Reagan
J. Paul McGrath 1983–1985 Ronald Reagan
Douglas H. Ginsburg 1985–1986 Ronald Reagan
Charles Rule 1986–1989 Ronald Reagan
James F. Rill 1989–1992 George H.W. Bush
Charles James 1992 acting
J. Mark Gidley 1992–1993 acting
Anne Bingaman 1993–1996 Bill Clinton
Joel Klein 1996–2000 Bill Clinton
Douglas Melamed 2000–2001 acting
Charles James 2001–2003 George W. Bush
R. Hewitt Pate 2003–2005 George W. Bush
Thomas O. Barnett 2005–2008 George W. Bush
Deborah A. Garza 2008–2009 acting
Christine A. Varney 2009–2011 Barack Obama
Sharis Pozen 2011–2012 acting
Joseph F. Wayland 2012 acting
Renata Hesse 2012-2013 acting
William Baer 2013–present Barack Obama

Civil Division

# Name Term Began Term Ended President(s) served under
1 Charles B. Rugg 1930 1933 Herbert Hoover
2 George C. Sweeney 1933 1935 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
3 Angus D. MacLean 1935
4 James W. Morris 1935 1937
5 Sam E. Whitaker 1937 1939
6 Francis Michael Shea 1939 1945
7 John F. Sonnett 1945 1947 Harry S. Truman
8 Peyton Ford 1947 1949
9 H. Graham Morison 1949 1951
10 Holmes Baldridge 1951 1953
11 Warren E. Burger 1953 1956 Dwight D. Eisenhower
12 George Cochran Doub 1953 1960
13 William Horsley Orrick, Jr. 1961 1963 John F. Kennedy
14 John W. Douglas 1963 1966 John F. Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
15 Harold Barefoot Sanders, Jr. 1966 1967 Lyndon B. Johnson
16 Edwin L. Weisl, Jr. 1967 1969
17 William Ruckelshaus 1969 1970 Richard M. Nixon
18 L. Patrick Gray 1970 1972
19 Harlington Wood, Jr. 1972 1973
20 Carla Anderson Hills 1973 1975
21 Rex E. Lee 1975 1977 Gerald R. Ford
22 Barbara A. Babcock 1977 1979 Jimmy Carter
23 Alice Daniels 1979 1981
24 Paul J. McGrath 1981 1985 Ronald Reagan
25 Richard K. Willard 1985 1988
26 John R. Bolton 1988 1989
27 Stuart M. Gerson 1989 1993 George H.W. Bush
28 Frank W. Hunger 1993 1999 Bill Clinton
29 David W. Ogden 1999 2001
30 Robert D. McCallum, Jr. 2001 2003 George W. Bush
31 Peter D. Keisler 2003 2007
32 Gregory G. Katsas 2008 2009
34 Tony West 2009 2012 Barack Obama
35 Stuart F. Delery 2012 present

Civil Rights Division

Criminal Division

National Security Division

Name President
Announcement Nomination sent
to the Senate
by the Senate
Sworn in Left office
Kenneth Leonard Wainstein[6] George W. Bush March 13, 2006 March 13, 2006 September 21, 2006[7] September 28, 2006[8] March 30, 2008, to become Homeland Security Advisor (Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism)[9]
J. Patrick Rowan George W. Bush June 19, 2008[10] June 19, 2008[11] September 26, 2008[12][13][14] October 3, 2008[13] January 20, 2009[15]
David S. Kris Barack Obama January 22, 2009[16] February 11, 2009[15] March 25, 2009[17] -- --
Lisa Monaco Barack Obama March 17, 2011[18] March 17, 2011[18] June 28, 2011[19] July 1, 2011[20] March 8, 2013

Environment and Natural Resources Division

Justice Management Division

Tax Division

Office of Justice Programs

Office of Legal Counsel

Name Years Served Appointed By Notes
Angus D. MacLean 1933-1935 Franklin D. Roosevelt [22]
Golden W. Bell 1935-1939 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Charles Fahy 1940-1941 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Oscar S. Cox 1942-1943 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Hugh B. Cox 1943-1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harold W. Judson 1945-1946 Franklin D. Roosevelt
George T. Washington 1946-1949 Harry Truman
Abraham J. Harris 1950-1951 Harry Truman
Joseph C. Duggan 1951-1952 Harry Truman
J. Lee Rankin 1953-1956 Dwight Eisenhower
W. Wilson White 1957 Dwight Eisenhower After a short tenure, selected to be first head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division
Malcolm R. Wilkey 1958-1959 Dwight Eisenhower
Robert Kramer 1959-1961 Dwight Eisenhower
Nicholas deB. Katzenbach 1961-1962 John F. Kennedy
Norbert A. Schlei 1962-1966 John F. Kennedy
Frank H. Wozencraft 1966-1969 Lyndon Johnson
William H. Rehnquist 1969-1971 Richard Nixon Later nominated and confirmed as Associate, and subsequent Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
Ralph E. Erickson 1971-1972 Richard Nixon
Roger C. Cramton 1972-1973 Richard Nixon
Antonin Scalia 1974-1977 Gerald Ford Later nominated and confirmed as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
John M. Harmon 1977-1981 Jimmy Carter [23]
Theodore B. Olson 1981-1984 Ronald Reagan Later became U.S. Solicitor General
Charles J. Cooper 1985-1988 Ronald Reagan
Douglas Kmiec 1988-1989 Ronald Reagan
William P. Barr 1989-1990 George H.W. Bush
Michael Luttig 1990-1991 George H.W. Bush
Timothy Flanigan 1991-1992 George H.W. Bush
Walter Dellinger 1993-1994 Bill Clinton Later became Acting U.S. Solicitor General
Beth Nolan 1995 acting [24] Served as Acting Assistant AG, OLC, while Deputy Assistant Attorney General. Nominated to become Assistant AG, OLC, but Senate did not vote on the nomination. Became White House Counsel in 1996.
Dawn Johnsen 1996-1998 acting
Randolph D. Moss 1998-2001 Bill Clinton Served as Acting AAG from 1998-2000; nominated November 9, 1999; Recess-appointed Aug. 3, 2000; confirmed by United States Senate December 15, 2000
Jay S. Bybee 2001-March 2003 George W. Bush In charge when the OLC issued the Bybee memo and other Torture memos; appointed as a federal judge; started March 21, 2003
Jack Goldsmith October 2003-June 2004 George W. Bush Later Professor at Harvard Law School and author of The Terror Presidency (2007)
Daniel Levin 2004-2005 acting
Steven G. Bradbury 2005-2009 acting Served as Acting AAG from 2005-2007 (nominated June 23, 2005; nomination approved by Senate Judiciary Committee but never voted on by full Senate), continued to function as senior appointed official in charge of OLC until Jan. 20, 2009
David J. Barron 2009-2010 acting Professor at Harvard Law School and served as Acting AAG from January 2009-July 2010.
Jonathan G. Cedarbaum 2010-2011 acting Served as Acting AAG, July–November 2010; continued to function as senior appointed official in charge of OLC until the end of January 2011.
Caroline D. Krass 2011 acting Senior appointed official leading OLC since the end of January 2011 until June 2011, when Virginia A. Seitz was confirmed.
Virginia A. Seitz 2011–present Barack Obama Confirmed by the Senate in a voice vote on June 28, 2011.

Office of Legal Policy

Office of Legislative Affairs


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