'Amr ibn Adi

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'Amr ibn Adi ibn Nasr ibn Rabia ibn Namarah ibn Lakhm (died 295) was the first Lakhmid king (268-295). He inherited the kingdom of his uncle Jadhima (the Tanukhid king).

Early life

'Amr was born with a golden spoon, spoiled and cared-for by his mother Raqush and her brother Jadhima, and because of his extreme beauty his mother veiled him in his childhood. His uncle Jadhima was killed by Zenobia for an old vengeance, with no son's for Jadhima 'Amr was the only successor so he was crowned a king.


'Amr was the most prominent patron of Manichaeism,[1] and he gave shelter to the religion and managed to convince Narseh to put an end to the persecution of the Manichaeans, whoever the persecution of Manichaeans was resumed after the death of Narses and the Lakhmid kingdom resumed its support to Manichaeans.[2] In c.272 'Amr has paid homage (became vassal) to the Sassanid king Narses and his name is mentioned in the Paikuli inscription.

Preceded by
Lakhmid King
Succeeded by
Imru' al-Qays ibn 'Amr


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