Åland Centre

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Ålandic Centre
Leader Veronica Thörnroos
Founded 1976
Headquarters Box 69 22100, Mariehamn
Ideology Centrism[1]
European affiliation Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party
International affiliation None
European Parliament group None
Colours Green
Parliament of Finland
1 / 1
7 / 30
39 / 208
Politics of Åland
Political parties

The Ålandic Centre (Swedish: Åländsk Center) is a agrarian-centrist[3] political party in the Åland Islands. At the 2003 election, the party won 24.1 % of the popular vote and 7 out of 30 seats and became on a par with the Liberals of Åland. On the October 21st, 2007, parliamentary election, the party won 24.2 % of the popular vote and 8 out of 30 seats. At the election in 2011 it became the strongest party with 23.6 % and 7 out of 30 seats, but lost this position to the Liberals at the election in 2015 with 21.7 % and 7 out of 30 seats.


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