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Archbishop of Canterbury
Appointed 958
Term ended 959
Predecessor Oda
Successor Byrhthelm
Other posts Bishop of Winchester
Consecration 951
Personal details
Born unknown
Died 959
the Italian Alps

Ælfsige (or Aelfsige; died 959) was Bishop of Winchester before he became Archbishop of Canterbury in 959.


Ælfsige became Bishop of Winchester in 951.[1] In 958 he was translated from the see of Winchester to become archbishop of Canterbury.[2]

Ælfsige died of cold in the Alps as he journeyed to Rome to be given his pallium by Pope John XII.[3] In his place King Eadwig nominated Byrhthelm, Bishop of Wells. Ælfsige's will survives and shows that he was married,[4] with a son, Godwine of Worthy, who died in 1001 fighting against the Vikings.[5]


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Christian titles
Preceded by
Ælfheah I
Bishop of Winchester
Succeeded by
Beorhthelm of Winchester
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