Æthelwine of Lindsey

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Bishop of Lindsey
Appointed c. 680
Term ended c. 700
Predecessor Eadhæd
Successor Edgar
Consecration c. 680
Personal details
Died c. 700
Denomination Catholic
Feast day 3 May or 20 June

Æthelwine (Ethelwine or Elwin) (died c. 700) was the second bishop of Lindsey from around 680,[1] and is regarded as a saint.[2]

Other than a reference in Bede's Historia to Æthelwine and his family, very little is known of him. His brother was Edilhum, who was abbot of Peartney Abbey. His sister Ethelhild was an abbess. He probably died around 700. His feast day is 3 May or 29 June.[2] The even less well evidenced Saint Aldwyn is sometimes said to have been his brother.


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