Pe (Persian letter)

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Pe (پ) is a letter in the Perso-Arabic alphabet used for [p].

It is used in Persian and Kurdish and other Iranian languages, Uyghur, Urdu, Sindhi and Turkic languages (before adoption of Latin/Cyrillic script) but not in Arabic, where it is usually substituted by the letter bāʼ (ب). But it is sometimes used in Arabic for the transliteration of foreign words.

Position in word: Isolated Final Medial Initial
Glyph form: پ‎ ـپ‎ ـپـ‎ پـ‎

Character encodings

Character پ
Encodings decimal hex
Unicode 1662 U+067E
UTF-8 217 190 D9 BE
Numeric character reference پ پ

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