Northern Division (Syrian rebel group)

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Northern Division
الفرقة الشمالية
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Flag of the Northern Division (Syrian rebel group).jpg
Flag of the Northern Division
Active December 2015–present[1]
  • Insignia of the 101st Division (Syrian rebel group).svg 101st Infantry Division
  • 1st Tank Brigade
  • 3rd Tank Brigade
  • 5th Infantry Brigade
  • 7th Special Forces Brigade
  • 9th Infantry Brigade
  • Special Missions Battalion
  • Flag of the Knights of Justice Brigade.svg Knights of Justice Brigade
  • Flag of the Knights of Justice Brigade.svg Col. Hassan Miri’I Hamadeh[2]
  • Insignia of the 101st Division (Syrian rebel group).svg Cmdr. Mamoun al-Omar[3]
Area of operations
Strength 3,200[3][4]
Part of Free Syrian Army
Insignia of the Syrian Revolutionary Command Council.svg Syrian Revolutionary Command Council
Fatah Halab operations room.jpg Fatah Halab
Jaysh Halab
Mare' Operations Room Insignia.svg Mare' Operations Room
Hawar Kilis Operations Room
Rad al-Mazalem[5][6][7][8]
Battles and wars Syrian Civil War

The Northern Division (Arabic: الفرقة الشمالية‎) is a Free Syrian Army group as the result of a merger between the Knights of Justice Brigade and the 101st Infantry Division.[1] Both units received BGM-71 TOW missiles from the United States.[4]

Member groups

101st Infantry Division

Flag of the 101st Infantry Division.

The 101st Infantry Division (Arabic: الفرقة 101 مشاة‎‎) is a Syrian FSA group sanctioned by the Syrian National Council[2] and a part of the Syrian Revolutionary Command Council.[11] It received U.S.-made BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles and is funded by the Supreme Military Council.[2] It notably includes religious minorities in leadership positions.[12]

The 101st Infantry Division suspended its cooperation with the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front on 21 July 2014. On 7 September 2014, 101st Division allied with four other rebel groups, including the Knights of Justice Brigade, into a new formation called the 5th Corps.[12] On 6th May 2015, along with 13 other Aleppo-based groups, joined the Fatah Halab joint operations room.

Knights of Justice Brigade

Flag of the Knights of Justice Brigade.

The Knights of Justice Brigade (Arabic: لواء فرسان الحق‎‎, Liwa Fursan al-Haqq), is a FSA subgroup sanctioned by the SNC[2] and a part of the SRCC.[11] It had received BGM-71 TOW missiles[2] and funding from Qatar.[13] The group received funding, including salaries for its fighters, from the CIA, before being cutoff in December 2014 following battlefield reversals at the hands of the al-Nusra Front.[14]

The Brigade joined a "quick response unit" of 600 fighters alongside other moderate and jihadist groups on 8 July 2014, to fight the Syrian Army and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Aleppo.[15] It suspended its cooperation the al-Nusra Front on 21 July 2014.[16] On 7 September 2014, the Knights of Justice Brigade announced that they were allying their forces with four other rebel groups, including the 101st Division[12] and the 13th Division,[13] into the 5th Corps.[12]


Small arms

Name Country of origin Type Caliber Notes
AK-47  Soviet Union Assault rifle 7.62×39mm
Type 56 assault rifle  People's Republic of China Assault rifle 7.62×39mm
Zastava M70  Yugoslavia Assault rifle 7.62×39mm
PK machine gun  Soviet Union General-purpose machine gun 7.62×54mmR
DShK  Soviet Union Heavy machine gun 12.7×108mm
Milkor MGL[17]  South Africa Grenade launcher 40 mm grenade
M79 Osa[17]  Yugoslavia Anti-tank missile 90mm

Artillery and heavy missiles

Name Country of origin Type Caliber Notes
120-PM-43 mortar[17]  Soviet Union Mortar 120mm
122 mm howitzer M1938 (M-30)[17]  Soviet Union Howitzer 122mm
122 mm howitzer 2A18 (D-30)[17]  Soviet Union Howitzer 122mm
152 mm howitzer M1943 (D-1)[17]  Soviet Union Howitzer 152mm
BGM-71 TOW[17]  United States Wire-guided anti-tank missile Supplied by the United States.


Name Country of origin Type Notes
Pickup truck[17] Unknown Technical
T-54/55[17]  Soviet Union Main battle tank
BMP-1[17]  Soviet Union Infantry fighting vehicle


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