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132 133 134
Cardinal one hundred thirty-three
Ordinal 133rd
(one hundred and thirty-third)
Factorization 7 × 19
Divisors 1, 7, 19, 133
Roman numeral CXXXIII
Binary 100001012
Ternary 112213
Quaternary 20114
Quinary 10135
Senary 3416
Octal 2058
Duodecimal B112
Hexadecimal 8516
Vigesimal 6D20
Base 36 3P36

133 (one hundred [and] thirty-three) is the natural number following 132 and preceding 134.

In mathematics

133 is an n whose divisors (excluding n itself) added up divide φ(n). It is an octagonal number and a Harshad number. It is also a happy number.

133 is a repdigit in base 11 (111) and base 18 (77), whilst in base 20 it is a cyclic number formed from the reciprocal of the number three.

133 is a semiprime: a product of two prime numbers, namely 7 and 19. Since those prime factors are Gaussian primes, this means that 133 is a Blum integer.

In the military

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In other fields

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