16 Points of the Alt Right

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The 16 Points of the Alt Right is a political manifesto written by Vox Day in the Summer of 2016.[1] It describes his vision of the core beliefs and purposes of the Alt right political movement. The manifesto has been translated into over 20 languages.

The points paraphrased

The longer original version can be read at the Vox Popoli blog, where each point has also been discussed in separate blog entries.

  • 01) The Alt Right is fully right wing, unlike so-called cuckservativism
  • 02) The Alt Right is an alternative to conservatism, neoconservatism, and libertarianism
  • 03) The Alt Right believes in a realistic path to victory
  • 04) The Alt Right is pro-Western
  • 05) The Alt Right is pro-nationalism for everyone
  • 06) The Alt Right is anti-globalist
  • 07) The Alt Right believes all people are different and unequal, as are all racial groups
  • 08) The Alt Right believes in science but opposes scientific culture
  • 09) The Alt Right believes identity is the foundation of politics
  • 10) The Alt Right believes each ethnic group should run its own land
  • 11) The Alt Right believes different groups occupying the same land will fight
  • 12) The Alt Right doesn't care about political correctness or being liked
  • 13) The Alt Right opposes international free trade and favors appropriate protectionism
  • 14) The Alt Right favors the white race and white nationalism
  • 15) The Alt Right believes all races have their own strengths and shouldn't dominate each other
  • 16) The Alt Right believes in peace through separation and good borders


Some of the points have been challenged by libertarians[2] who favor free trade, by traditional conservatives who consider it racist, and by far right commenters who think it has left wing elements.[3] The alt right movement itself has been strongly opposed by liberals and progressives, who reject it completely.[4] Lawrence Murray wrote a shorter 7-point memo with some overlap with Vox Day's manifesto.[5]


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