1886 American Cup

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1886 American Cup
Country United States
Teams 7
Champions Clark O.N.T.
Runners-up Kearny Rangers
Matches played 8
Goals scored 36 (4.5 per match)

The 1886 American Cup was the second installment of the soccer tournament directed by the American Football Association. Clark ONT, as holders of the trophy, had successfully defended their title and receiving along with the trophy a pair of leg guards donated by the Alma Cricket and Football club.


The Domestic club had withdrawn while the Almas, New York Rovers and Trenton were added. The clubs still all came from New York and New Jersey, though there were now four different cities represented.

  • New York- Rovers and New York F.B.C.
  • Trenton- Trenton F.B.C.
  • Paterson- Caledonian Thistle Club
  • Newark- Clark O.N.T., Almas, and Kearny Rangers.

First round

October 24, 1885
Trenton 0–4 Kearny Rangers
Cricket Grounds, Trenton, New Jersey
Referee: H.Starmer

Trenton- E.H.Openshaw(c), J.James, J.Mart, H.Everingham, T.Baddely, D.Baggley, J.Mardel, W.Emery, T.McNichol, Frank Gee, R.Rhodes. Kearny Rangers: GK D.Ferguson, DF J.Hood, J.Lennox, MF T.Burke, W.Hood, D.Morris, FW R.Raeburn, W.Taylor, J.Young, J.Taylor, H.Ashley.

October 31, 1885
ONT 10–0 New York Rovers
ONT AA Grounds, East Newark, New Jersey
Referee: T.Hood

ONT: GK R.Hughes, DF H.Holden, J.Dougherty, MF T.Smith, Joe Swithemby, A.Polisher, FW C.McCann, J.Howarth, Jack Swithemby, J.McGurck, J.Swarbrick. Rovers: GK W.Donnegan, DF A.Crawford, W.Dunnan, J.Lachlan, MF W.Lachlan, B.Wilson, H.Westbrook, FW J.White, F.Malcomb, W.Harris, A.Campbell.

November 3, 1885
Alma 1–1 New York
Maxfield 85' Grant
Frelinghuysen Grounds, Newark, New Jersey
Referee: T.Hood

Almas: GK Hollenback DF Starmer, Moore, MF Farrow, Morton, Corbey, FW Lucas, Lodge, Maxfield, Gray, Curtin.

First replay

November 14, 1885
Alma 1–1 New York
Elysian Fields, Hoboken, New Jersey

Second replay

November 26, 1885
Alma 4–2 New York
Frelinghuysen Grounds, Newark, New Jersey
Attendance: 600

Second round

December 12, 1885
Clark O.N.T. 5–0 Caledonian Thistles
10' Jack Swithenby
15' Devine
35' Jack Swithemby(McGurck)
McCann(Jack Swithemby)
ONT Grounds, East Newark
Attendance: 500
Referee: C.Smith

ONT: GK Hughes, DF Pollister, Holden, MF Howarth, Joe Swithenby, P.Smith, FW Swarbrick, McGurck, McCann, Devine, Jack Swithenby(c). Thistles: T.Paterson, Chapman, Hall, Williamson, Forsythe, W.Turner(c), Anderson, A.Turner, Donaldson, H.Craig, J.Kane.

December 12, 1885
Almas 0–3 Kearny Rangers
10' Young(Ashley)
William Taylor
Frelinghuysen Avenue Ground
Referee: R.Craig

Almas: GK Ryker, DF Moore, Conklin, MF Corby, Morton, Hirst, FW Gray, Lucas, Lodge, Curtin, Maxfield. Rangers: GK T.Hood, DF J.Hood, Lennox, MF Buck, W.Hood, Crawford, FW Ashley, William Taylor, Walter Taylor, Raeburn, J.Young.

Final round

April 4, 1886
Clark O.N.T. 3–1 Kearny Rangers
15' M.Devine
25' J.McCann
65' Fisher
68' McKell
Frelinghuysen avenue ground
Attendance: 1000
Referee: A.Turner

ONT: GK P.Hughes, DF A.Palister, H.Holden, MF J.Howarth(c), Joe Swithenby, T.Smith, FW J.Swarbrick, J.McGurck, J.McCann, M.Devine, J.Fisher. Rangers: GK Furguson, DF J.Hood, J.Lennox(c), MF A.Alsop, W.Hood, T.Burke, FW T.Woods, J.McKell, W.Taylor, R.Raeburn, J.Conley.


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