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Events in the year 1944 in Norway.

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  • 3 April - The German battleship Tirpitz was bombed and damaged by British carrier-borne aircraft at Kåfjorden in Alta.
  • 20 April - The German ammunition transport Voorbode accidentally explodes in the harbour of the Western Norway city of Bergen, killing around 160 people and leaving some 5,000 homeless.
  • 3 October - Soviet troops cross the border to Norway.
  • 4 October - British aircraft bomb the U-boat bunker "Bruno" and the dock area in Bergen harbour. As a result, 194 civilians, including 60 children, are killed.
  • 25 October - the Petsamo–Kirkenes Offensive the Red Army liberates Kirkenes, the first town in Norway to be liberated.
  • 28 October - Hitler orders the German forces to withdraw from northern Norway. The Germans were determined to leave nothing of value to the Soviets, as Hitler had ordered to leave the area devoid of people, shelter and supplies.
  • 29 October - The Laksevåg borough of Bergen was bombed again. 52 civilians were killed.
  • 10 November - The first Norwegian troops (300 men from the brigade in Scotland) arrive in Finnmark.
  • 12 November - 29 Royal Air Force Avro Lancaster bombers sink the German battleship Tirpitz anchored in a fjord at Tromsø, with 12,000 lb Tallboy bombs.
  • 27 November - The German prisoner ship Rigel is sunk off Sandnessjøen by Fleet Air Arm bombers in the deadliest ship disaster in Norwegian history.
  • 31 December - Allied bombers tried to bomb the Victoria Terrasse building in Oslo, which was used as the Gestapo headquarters, but missed the target and instead hit civilian targets. 77 civilians are killed.

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