1946 Vuelta a España

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1946 Vuelta a España
Race details
Dates 7 – 30 May
Stages 21
Distance 3,836 km (2,384 mi)
Winning time 137h 10' 38"
Winner  Dalmacio Langarica (ESP)
Second  Julián Berrendero (ESP)
Third  Jan Lambrichs (NED)

Mountains  Emilio Rodríguez (ESP)

The 6th Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain), a long-distance bicycle stage race and one of the 3 grand tours, was held from May 7 to May 30, 1946. It consisted of 21 stages covering a total of 3,836 km, and was won by Dalmacio Langarica.[1] Emilio Rodríguez won the mountains classification.

After the 22nd stage, Jan Lambrichs was in second place. The Dutch team then received a letter, saying that Lambrichs should give up his second place, otherwise he would reach the finish in Madrid in an ambulance. The team manager decided not to tell Lambrichs about this threat, but gave him extra security. In the final stage, Berrendero escaped and left everybody behind, including Lambrichs, and took over the second place. The next day, the Dutch team received a box of Cuban cigars from the unknown person who had sent the threat.[2]


Stage results[3]
Stage Date Course Distance Type Winner


Final General Classification

Rank Rider Team Time
1 Spain Dalmacio Langarica 137h 10' 38s
2 Spain Julián Berrendero a 17' 32s
3 Netherlands Jan Lambrichs a 23' 54s
4 Spain Manuel Costa a 24' 19s
5 Spain Delio Rodríguez a 45' 04s
6 Spain Alejandro Fombellida a 46' 09s
7 Spain Antonio-Andres Sancho a 1h 00' 10s
8 Spain Emilio Rodríguez a 1h 03' 45s
9 Spain José Gutierrez a 1h 18' 48s
10 Portugal Joao Rebelo a 1h 53' 37s
11 Switzerland Georges Aeschlimann
12 Spain Cipriano Aguirrezabal
13 Spain Bernardo Ruiz
14 Spain Pastor Rodríguez
15 Spain Joaquim Olmos
16 Spain Antonio Martin
17 Switzerland Ernest Kuhn
18 Spain Vicente Miro
19 Spain José Lopez Gandara
20 Netherlands Frans Pauwels
21 Spain Joaquim Jiménez
22 Spain Pedro Font
23 Netherlands Cees Joosen
24 Spain Gabriel Palmer
25 Switzerland Theo Perret


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