1963 Norwegian Football Cup

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1963 Norwegian Football Cup
Country Norway Norway
Champions Skeid (6th title)
Runners-up Fredrikstad

The 1963 Norwegian Football Cup was the first all-Norwegian cup, as it was the first year clubs from Northern Norway were allowed to participate in the cup. Of the two northern Norwegian teams that participated this year, Bodø/Glimt made it all the way to the fourth round.

The surprise team of the cup this year was Sagene, a team that made it to the quarter final, despite playing in the third division (tier three).

Skeid won the cup, beating Skeid 2-1 in the final.

Final three rounds

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
25 September - ?, Gjøvik        
 Gjøvik-Lyn (AET)  2
20 October – ?, Gjøvik
 Sagene  1  
 Gjøvik-Lyn  2
29 September - Ullevaal stadion, Oslo
     Skeid  3  
 Lyn  0
27 October – Ullevaal stadion, Oslo
 Skeid  5  
 Skeid (AET)  2
9 October - Stavanger stadion, Stavanger    
   Fredrikstad  1
 Viking (Replay)  2
20 October - Stavanger stadion, Stavanger
 Frigg  0  
 Viking  0

29 September - Fredrikstad stadion, Fredrikstad
     Fredrikstad  2  
 Fredrikstad  3
 Vålerenga  0  

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