1985 Intercontinental Cup

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1985 Intercontinental Cup
Juventus won 4–2 on penalties
Date 8 December 1985
Venue National Stadium, Tokyo
Man of the Match Michel Platini (Juventus)
Referee Volker Roth (Germany)
Attendance 62,000

The 1985 Intercontinental Cup was a football match played on December 8, 1985 between Juventus, winners of the 1984-85 European Cup, and Argentinos Juniors, winners of the 1985 Copa Libertadores. Recognised as the best edition in the history of the tournament for technical and agonistic level,[1] the match was played at the National Stadium in Tokyo. It was Juventus' second appearance into the competition, after replacing Ajax in 1973.

After their triumph in the competition, Juventus became the first football team ever—remain the only one at present—to have won all official continental competitions and the club world title.[2][3][4] Also, Italian defenders Gaetano Scirea and Antonio Cabrini became the first European footballers to have won all international club competitions and Giovanni Trapattoni, the first European manager in association football history to do so.[5]

French midfielder Michel Platini was awarded as man of the match.[6]

Match details

Argentinos Juniors
GK 1 Italy Stefano Tacconi
DF 2 Italy Luciano Favero
DF 3 Italy Antonio Cabrini
MF 4 San Marino Massimo Bonini
DF 5 Italy Sergio Brio
DF 6 Italy Gaetano Scirea Substituted off 64'
MF 7 Italy Massimo Mauro Booked Substituted off 78'
MF 8 Italy Lionello Manfredonia
FW 9 Italy Aldo Serena
MF 10 France Michel Platini Booked Man of the match
FW 11 Denmark Michael Laudrup
GK 12 Italy Luciano Bodini
DF 13 Italy Stefano Pioli Substituted in 64'
MF Italy Gabriele Pin
FW Italy Marco Pacione
FW 16 Italy Massimo Briaschi Substituted in 78'
Italy Giovanni Trapattoni
GK 1 Argentina Enrique Vidallé
DF 2 Argentina José Luis Pavoni
DF 3 Argentina Adrián Domenech
DF 4 Argentina Carmelo Villalba
MF 5 Argentina Sergio Batista
MF 6 Argentina Jorge Olguín
FW 7 Argentina José Antonio Castro
MF 8 Argentina Mario Videla Booked
FW 9 Argentina Claudio Borghi Booked
MF 10 Argentina Emilio Commisso Substituted off 82'
FW 11 Argentina Carlos Ereros Substituted off 117'
GK Paraguay Cesar Roberto Mendoza
DF Argentina Jorge Pellegrini
MF 14 Argentina Juan José López Substituted in 117'
DF Argentina Miguel Lemme
MF 16 United StatesArgentina Renato Corsi Booked Substituted in 82'
Argentina José Yudica

Man of the Match:
Michel Platini (Juventus)

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