1985 Wuqia earthquake

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1985 Wuqia earthquake
1985 Wuqia earthquake is located in China
1985 Wuqia earthquake
Date 23 August 1985 (1985-08-23)
Magnitude Ms 7.4
Depth 7 km
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Areas affected China
Casualties 64

The 1985 Wuqia earthquake occurred on August 23, 1985 at 20:41 local time (12:41 UTC) near the border of Wuqia (乌恰) (also Ulugqat or Uluqat) County and Shufu (疏附) County, Xinjiang, China. It had a magnitude of Ms 7.4 and caused 71 deaths, 162 injuries, and left 15,000 homeless, as well as destroying 85% of buildings and highways.[1] The source of this earthquake is the Kazkeaerte Fault (卡兹克阿尔特断裂). The earthquake could be felt throughout much of the Fergana Basin, USSR, as well as in Pakistan.[2][1]

The slipping of the earth during this earthquake caused a deformation zone along the Kezilesu River valley stretching 15 kilometers long and 800 meters wide. The zone is made up of smaller faults, fissures, and pressure ridges.[3]


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