1987 in New Zealand

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1987 in New Zealand
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  • Estimated population as of 31 December: 3,342,100[1]
  • Increase since 31 December 1986: 28,600 (0.86%)
  • Males per 100 Females: 97.9


Regal and viceregal


The 41st New Zealand Parliament, led by the Labour Party, concluded, and in the general election the party was re-elected in the 42nd New Zealand Parliament. The election also saw the elimination of the Democratic Party (formerly known as the Social Credit Party) from Parliament, leaving Labour and National as the only parties with representation.

Parliamentary opposition

Main centre leaders


Arts and literature

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New Zealand Music Awards

Winners are shown first with nominees underneath.[4]

  • ALBUM OF THE YEAR Herbs – Sensitive to a Smile
  • SINGLE OF THE YEAR Dave Dobbyn - You Oughta Be in Love
    • Shona Laing - Glad I'm Not A Kennedy
    • The Chills - Leather Jacket
    • Charles Tumahai (Herbs)
    • Martin Phillips (The Chills)
    • Betty-Anne Monga (Ardijah)
    • Patsy Riggir
  • BEST GROUP The Chills
    • Ardijah
    • Herbs
    • Wayne Elliot (Knightshade)
    • David Parker (Rhythm Cage)
  • MOST PROMISING FEMALE VOCALIST Moana Maniapoto Jackson Moana and the Moahunters
    • Darlene Adair
    • Kara Pewhairangi
  • MOST PROMISING GROUP Bonga And Harwood
    • Rhythm Cage
    • Knightshade
    • Dave Dobbyn
    • The Chills
    • Shona Laing
    • Kiri Te Kanawa
  • BEST VIDEO Matt Box Films - Sensitive to a Smile (Herbs)
    • Kerry Brown/ Bruce Sheridan - Glad Im Not A Kennedy (Shona Laing)
    • Paul Middleditch - The Game Of Love (Tex Pistol)
  • BEST FILM SOUNDTRACK Dave Dobbyn - Footrot Flats
    • Various Artists - Queen City Rocker
  • BEST PRODUCER Dave Dobbyn - Footrot Flats
    • Billy Kristian - Sensitive to a Smile (Herbs)
    • Ian Morris - The Game Of Love (Tex Pistol)
  • BEST ENGINEER Ian Morris - The Game Of Love (Tex Pistol)
    • Roland Morris / Nick Morgan - Ardijah
    • Doug Rogers / Rhys Moody - Brand New Doll
    • Tim Field - Out for the Count
  • BEST JAZZ ALBUM Mike Nock / Frank Gibson, Jr. - 'Open Door'
    • Brian Smith - Brian Smith
    • The Umbrellas - The Umbrellas
  • BEST CLASSICAL ALBUM Gillian Weir - Music to the Sun King
    • NZ Symphony Orchestra - Music By Douglas Lilburn
    • Margaret Neilson - Sea Changes
  • BEST COUNTRY ALBUM Al Hunter - Neon Cowboy
    • Jodi Vaughan - Straight From The Heart
    • Patsy Riggir - Close To Thee
  • BEST FOLK ALBUM Beverly Young - Bushes & Briar
    • Phil Garland - Hunger in the Air
    • Paul Mesters - Pacific Pilgrim
  • BEST GOSPEL ALBUM Jules Riding - Heart Strings
    • Patsy Riggir - Close To Thee
    • Darlene Adair - Darlene Adair
  • BEST POLYNESIAN ALBUM Herbs - E Papa - Jah Knows
    • Kahurangi - Kahurangi
    • Moana - Kua Makona
  • BEST CAST ALBUM Stewart Macpherson - Pirates Of Penzance
    • Philip Norman - Love Off The Shelf
    • Thomas Baker - The Conductor's Shoes
  • BEST SONGWRITER Charles Tumahai/ Dilworth Karaka - Sensitive to a Smile (Herbs)
    • Dave Dobbyn - You Oughta Be in Love
    • Shona Laing - Glad Im Not A Kennedy
  • BEST COVER Phillip Trusttum – Songdance (Mike Herron)
    • Peter Bennett - Elephunkin
    • Reston Griffiths - Footrot Flats

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Performing arts

Radio and television

See: 1987 in New Zealand television, 1987 in television, List of TVNZ television programming, Category:New Zealand television, TV3 (New Zealand), Category:New Zealand television shows, Public broadcasting in New Zealand

  • Auckland Radio 1ZB becomes Newstalk 1ZB creating the very first Newstalk ZB station.
  • 1ZM Auckland becomes Classic Hits 1251 creating the very first Classic Hits station, other New Zealand radio stations do not take the Classic Hits branding until 1993/94.


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  • The All Blacks win the inaugural Rugby World Cup.


  • Peter Renner wins his first national title in the men's marathon, clocking 2:15:32 on 22 November in Wiri, while Jillian Costley claims her first in the women's championship (2:39:33).

Harness racing





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