1993 Major League Baseball draft

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1993 MLB draft
Date(s) 1993
First selection Alex Rodriguez
Seattle Mariners
First round selections 42
Overall selections 1,721

The following are the first round picks in the 1993 Major League Baseball draft.[1]

First round selections

Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Pick Player Team Position School
1 Rodriguez, AlexAlex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners Shortstop Westminster Christian High School
2 Dreifort, DarrenDarren Dreifort Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Wichita State University
3 Anderson, BrianBrian Anderson California Angels Pitcher Wright State University
4 Gomes, WayneWayne Gomes Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Old Dominion University
5 Granger, JeffJeff Granger Kansas City Royals Pitcher Texas A&M University
6 Soderstrom, SteveSteve Soderstrom San Francisco Giants Pitcher Fresno State University
7 Nixon, TrotTrot Nixon Boston Red Sox Outfield New Hanover High School
8 Kirk Presley New York Mets Pitcher Tupelo High School
9 Matt Brunson Detroit Tigers Shortstop Cherry Creek High School
10 Kieschnick, BrooksBrooks Kieschnick Chicago Cubs Outfield University of Texas
11 Kirkreit, DaronDaron Kirkreit Cleveland Indians Pitcher University of California, Riverside
12 Wagner, BillyBilly Wagner Houston Astros Pitcher Ferrum College
13 Drews, MattMatt Drews New York Yankees Pitcher Sarasota High School
14 Lee, DerrekDerrek Lee San Diego Padres First Base El Camino High School
15 Carpenter, ChrisChris Carpenter Toronto Blue Jays[Compensation 1] Pitcher Trinity High School
16 Benes, AlanAlan Benes St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Creighton University
17 Scott Christman Chicago White Sox Pitcher Oregon State University
18 Chris Schwab Montreal Expos Outfield Cretin High School
19 Powell, JayJay Powell Baltimore Orioles Pitcher Mississippi State University
20 Hunter, ToriiTorii Hunter Minnesota Twins[Compensation 2] Outfield Pine Bluff High School
21 Varitek, JasonJason Varitek Minnesota Twins Catcher Georgia Institute of Technology
22 Charles Peterson Pittsburgh Pirates Outfield Laurens District High School
23 D'Amico, JeffJeff D'Amico Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Northeast High School
24 Ratliff, JonJon Ratliff Chicago Cubs[Compensation 3] Pitcher LeMoyne College
25 Wasdin, JohnJohn Wasdin Oakland Athletics Pitcher Florida State University
26 Wunsch, KellyKelly Wunsch Milwaukee Brewers[Compensation 4] Pitcher Texas A&M University
27 Valdes, MarcMarc Valdes Florida Marlins Pitcher University of Florida
28 Wright, JameyJamey Wright Colorado Rockies Pitcher Westmoore High School

Compensation picks

Pick Player Team Position School
29 Kevin Orie Chicago Cubs[Compensation 5] Shortstop Indiana University
30 Mike Bell Texas Rangers[Compensation 6] Third Base Moeller High School
31 Josue Estrada Montreal Expos[Compensation 7] Outfield Medardo Carazo High School
32 Pat Watkins Cincinnati Reds[Compensation 8] Outfield East Carolina University
33 Marc Barcelo Minnesota Twins[Compensation 9] Pitcher Arizona State University
34 Jermaine Allensworth Pittsburgh Pirates[Compensation 10] Outfield Purdue University
35 Todd Dunn Milwaukee Brewers[Compensation 11] Outfield University of North Florida
36 Willie Adams Oakland Athletics[Compensation 12] Pitcher Stanford University
37 Matt Farner Toronto Blue Jays[Compensation 13] Outfield East Pennsboro High School
38 Kelcey Mucker Minnesota Twins[Compensation 14] Outfield Lawrenceburg High School
39 Joe Wagner Milwaukee Brewers[Compensation 15] Pitcher University of Central Florida
40 Jeremy Lee Toronto Blue Jays[Compensation 16] Pitcher Galesburg High School
41 Mark Lukasiewicz Toronto Blue Jays[Compensation 17] Pitcher Brevard Community College
42 Charles Rice Pittsburgh Pirates[Compensation 18] First Base Parker High School


Compensation Picks

  1. Compensation pick from Texas Rangers for signing free agent Tom Henke
  2. Compensation pick from Cincinnati Reds for signing of free agent John Smiley
  3. Compensation pick from Atlanta Braves for signing of free agent Greg Maddux
  4. Compensation pick from Toronto Blue Jays for signing of free agent Paul Molitor
  5. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Greg Maddux
  6. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Jose Guzman
  7. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Spike Owen
  8. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Greg Swindell
  9. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent John Smiley
  10. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Doug Drabek
  11. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Chris Bosio
  12. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Dave Stewart
  13. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent David Cone
  14. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Greg Gagne
  15. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Paul Molitor
  16. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Tom Henke
  17. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Jimmy Key
  18. Supplemental pick for loss of free agent Barry Bonds

Other notable players

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Phil Nevin
1st Overall Picks
Alex Rodriguez
Succeeded by
Paul Wilson