1996 Solheim Cup

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1996 Solheim Cup
Dates 20–22 September 1996
Venue St. Pierre Hotel & Country Club
Location Chepstow, Wales
Europe 11 17 United States
United States wins the Solheim Cup

The fourth Solheim Cup took place from 20 September to 22 September 1996 at St. Pierre Hotel & Country Club, Chepstow, Wales. The United States team retained the cup beating the European team by 17 points to 11.



A total of 28 points were available, divided among four periods of team play, followed by one period of singles play. The first period, on Friday morning, was four rounds of foursomes. This was followed in the afternoon by four rounds of fourballs. This schedule was repeated on the Saturday morning and afternoon. The four periods on Friday and Saturday accounted for 16 points. During these team periods, the players played in teams of two. The final 12 points were decided in a round of singles matchplay, in which all 24 players (12 from each team) took part.

Day one

Friday, 20 September 1996

Morning foursomes

Europe Results United States
Sörenstam/Nilsmark halved Robbins/McGann
Davies/Nicholas United States 1 up Sheehan/Jones
Reid/de Lorenzi United States 1 up Daniel/Skinner
Alfredsson/Neumann United States 2 & 1 Pepper/Burton
½ Session
½ Overall

Afternoon fourball

Europe Results United States
Davies/Johnson Europe 6 & 5 Robbins/Bradley
Sörenstam/Marshall Europe 1 up Skinner/Geddes
Neumann/Nilsmark United States 1 up Pepper/King
Alfredsson/Nicholas halved Mallon/Daniel
3 Overall 5

Day two

Saturday, 21 September 1996

Morning foursomes

Europe Results United States
Davies/Johnson Europe 4 & 3 Sheehan/Jones
Sörenstam/Nilsmark Europe 1 up Pepper/Burton
Neumann/Marshall halved Mallon/Geddes
Alfredsson/de Lorenzi Europe 4 & 3 Robbins/McGann
Session ½

Afternoon fourball

Europe Results United States
Davies/Hackney Europe 6 & 5 Daniel/Skinner
Sörenstam/Johnson halved Mallon/McGann
de Lorenzi/Morley United States 2 & 1 Robbins/King
Nilsmark/Neumann Europe 3 & 1 Sheehan/Geddes
9 Overall 7

Day three

Sunday, 22 September 1996


Europe Results United States
Annika Sörenstam Europe 2 & 1 Pat Bradley
Kathryn Marshall United States 2 & 1 Val Skinner
Laura Davies United States 3 & 2 Michelle McGann
Liselotte Neumann halved Beth Daniel
Lisa Hackney United States 1 up Brandie Burton
Trish Johnson United States 3 & 2 Dottie Pepper
Alison Nicholas halved Kelly Robbins
Marie-Laure de Lorenzi United States 5 & 4 Betsy King
Joanne Morley United States 5 & 4 Rosie Jones
Dale Reid United States 2 up Jane Geddes
Catrin Nilsmark United States 2 & 1 Patty Sheehan
Helen Alfredsson United States 4 & 2 Meg Mallon
2 Session 10
11 Overall 17

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