1st Troop of Horse Guards

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The 1st (His Majesty's Own) Troop of Horse Guards was formed from King Charles II's exiled followers in the Netherlands (the Stuart monarchs had been overthrown during the English Civil War, and replaced with the Commonwealth).

The regiment was formed in 1658, and placed on the English establishment three years later, with the official formation of the "modern" British Army. It fought at Dettingen, along with four other troops of the Royal Horse Guards, and eventually absorbed the 3rd Troop of Horse Guards and the 1st Troop, Horse Grenadier Guards. On 25 June 1788, the regiment became the 1st Regiment of Life Guards.

Colonels and former names of the 1st Troop, Horse Guards

in 1746 absorbed 3rd Troop of Horse Guards

On 1 July 1751 a royal warrant provided that in future regiments would not be known by their colonels' names, but by their "number or rank".

in 1788 absorbed 1st Troop, Horse Grenadier Guards

On 25 June 1788 became 1st Regiment of Life Guards