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Events in the year 2004 in Norway.




  • 1 January – Innovation Norway is established, replacing four Norwegian governmental organisations.
  • 19 January – The freighter MS Rocknes capsizes in Vatlestraumen. 18 people dies.


  • 26 March – Norsk Hydro's fertilizer business was spun off as a separately stock-listed company under the name of Yara International.
  • 4 April – NOKAS robbery: the NOKAS teller central in Stavanger was robbed. The outcome of the robbery was approximately NOK 57,4 million (approx. US$9.3 million), making it the largest robbery in Norwegian history. A policeman was shot and killed during the robbery.



  • July – Leona Johansson and Tommy Hol Ellingsen, the founders of environmental organization Fuck for Forest, had intercourse on stage at the Quart Festival during the performance by Kristopher Schau and his band, The Cumshots to raise awareness for the deforestation issue, resulting in a fine for the organization.


Popular culture


File:Kurt Nilsen.jpg
Kurt Nilsen wins the World Idol competition on 1 January.
  • 1 January – The Norwegian pop/country singer Kurt Nilsen, whom won the first season of the Norwegian version of the reality television show Pop Idol in May 2003, wins the World Idol competition which was a one-off international version of Pop Idol featuring winners of the various national Idol shows.




Notable births

Princess Ingrid Alexandra with her father on 17 May 2007

Notable deaths

Full date unknown


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