2007 Vattenfall Cyclassics

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The 2007 edition of the Vattenfall Cyclassics cycle race took place in the German city of Hamburg on August 19, 2007. Alessandro Ballan won the race, beating last years winner Óscar Freire.

General Standings

2007-19-08: Hamburg-Hamburg, 229,1 km

[1][2] Name Team Time UCI ProTour
1  Alessandro Ballan (ITA) Lampre–Fondital 5h 21' 05" 40
2  Óscar Freire (ESP) Rabobank s.t 30
3  Gerald Ciolek (GER) T-Mobile Team s.t 25
4  Danilo Napolitano (ITA) Lampre–Fondital s.t 20
5  Erik Zabel (GER) Milram s.t 15
6  Davide Rebellin (ITA) Gerolsteiner s.t 11
7  Paolo Bettini (ITA) Quick-Step–Innergetic s.t 7
8  Greg Van Avermaet (BEL) Predictor–Lotto s.t 5
9  Peter Wrolich (AUT) Gerolsteiner s.t 3
10  Olaf Pollack (GER) Wiesenhof-Felt s.t N/A

Olaf Pollack received no UCI ProTour points because his team, Team Wiesenhof-Felt, is not part of the UCI ProTour.


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