2009 Presidents Cup

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2009 Presidents Cup
Dates October 8–11, 2009
Venue Harding Park Golf Club
Location San Francisco, California, U.S.
USA 19½ 14½ International
USA wins the Presidents Cup
HardingPark GC is located in USA
HardingPark GC
Park GC
Location in the United States
HardingPark GC is located in California
HardingPark GC
Park GC
Location in California

The 8th Presidents Cup Matches were held October 8–11, 2009 at the Harding Park Golf Club in San Francisco, California. The United States team won the golf competition by a margin of 19½–14½, their second consecutive win by that exact score and third in a row overall.[1] This was also the sixth outright win for the U.S. Team in eight meetings, with one International win in 1998 and one tied match in 2003.


The first day of competition featured six foursomes matches. On the second day, six matches of four-ball were played. This was followed on Day 3 by five morning foursomes matches and five afternoon four-ball matches. On the fourth and final day, twelve singles matches were played, for a total of 34 matches in the competition.

The final day was conducted under a special rule that differed slightly from that used in other team competitions such as the Ryder Cup. Singles matches ending halved after the regulation 18 holes were to be extended to extra holes until an outright winner was determined. This format was used until one team earned the 17½ points needed to win the Cup outright, at which time all remaining matches were only played to the regulation 18 holes and could be halved.

No matches went to extra holes in the 2009 competition. The first match on the final day in which all 18 holes were played was the Mike Weir–Justin Leonard match, which finished all square after 18. At that time, the U.S. Team was leading 17–10, which meant that the match should have continued. However, at the same time, the Y.E. Yang–Tiger Woods match was at the 13th hole with Woods 5 up. Instead of immediately going to the first hole to continue their match, Weir and Leonard watched the Yang–Woods match on a nearby giant screen. When Woods sank the putt that gave him a 6 and 5 victory and gave the U.S. an insurmountable 18–10 lead, Weir and Leonard, seeing that the outcome of the Cup was no longer in doubt, agreed to halve their match.[2]


Both teams had 12 players plus a non-playing captain. Members of the U.S. Team were selected based on earnings from the 2007 Wyndham Championship through the 2009 PGA Championship. International Team players were chosen on the basis of the Official World Golf Ranking through the 2009 PGA Championship. The International Team does not include players eligible for the European Ryder Cup Team. The top 10 players from each list made their respective teams and the captains choose the remaining two players.

  • OWGR as of October 5, 2009, the last ranking before the Cup

United States Team

Player Birthplace Residence Age Pts Rank OWGR Notes
Couples, FredFred Couples Seattle, Washington Palm Desert, California 50 - - Non-playing captain
Woods, TigerTiger Woods Cypress, California Windermere, Florida 33 1 1 6th appearance
Mickelson, PhilPhil Mickelson San Diego, California Rancho Santa Fe, California 39 2 2 8th appearance
Stricker, SteveSteve Stricker Edgerton, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 42 3 3 3rd appearance
Perry, KennyKenny Perry Elizabethtown, Kentucky Franklin, Kentucky 49 4 6 4th appearance
Johnson, ZachZach Johnson Iowa City, Iowa Lake Mary, Florida 33 5 18 2nd appearance
Cink, StewartStewart Cink Huntsville, Alabama Duluth, Georgia 36 6 13 4th appearance
O'Hair, SeanSean O'Hair Lubbock, Texas West Chester, Pennsylvania 27 7 14 Rookie
Furyk, JimJim Furyk West Chester, Pennsylvania Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 39 8 9 6th appearance
Kim, AnthonyAnthony Kim Los Angeles, California Dallas, Texas 24 9 22 Rookie
Leonard, JustinJustin Leonard Dallas, Texas Dallas, Texas 37 10 38 5th appearance
Glover, LucasLucas Glover Greenville, South Carolina Greenville, South Carolina 29 11 17 2nd appearance, captain's pick
Mahan, HunterHunter Mahan Orange, California Plano, Texas 27 13 25 2nd appearance, captain's pick

International Team

Player Country Birthplace Residence Age Pts Rank OWGR Notes
Norman, GregGreg Norman  Australia Mount Isa Hobe Sound, Florida, USA 54 - - Non-playing captain
Ogilvy, GeoffGeoff Ogilvy  Australia Adelaide Scottsdale, Arizona, USA 32 1 10 2nd appearance
Singh, VijayVijay Singh  Fiji Lautoka Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA 46 2 15 8th appearance
Villegas, CamiloCamilo Villegas  Colombia Medellín Jupiter, Florida, USA 27 3 16 Rookie
Goosen, RetiefRetief Goosen  South Africa Pietersburg Polokwane, South Africa
Ascot, Berkshire, England
Orlando, Florida, USA
40 4 21 5th appearance
Els, ErnieErnie Els  South Africa Johannesburg Wentworth, England
George, South Africa
39 5 23 6th appearance
Cabrera, ÁngelÁngel Cabrera  Argentina Córdoba Córdoba, Argentina 40 6 28 3rd appearance
Weir, MikeMike Weir  Canada Sarnia Sandy, Utah, USA 39 7 31 5th appearance
Allenby, RobertRobert Allenby  Australia Melbourne Jupiter, Florida, USA 38 8 32 5th appearance
Yang, Y.E.Y.E. Yang  South Korea Jeju-do Dallas, Texas, USA 37 9 30 Rookie
Clark, TimTim Clark  South Africa Durban Scottsdale, Arizona, USA 33 10 37 3rd appearance
Ishikawa, RyoRyo Ishikawa  Japan Matsubushi 18 20 43 Rookie, captain's pick
Scott, AdamAdam Scott  Australia Adelaide Crans-Montana, Switzerland 29 14 65 4th appearance, captain's pick

Thursday's matches

All matches were foursomes.

International Results United States
Clark/Weir 3 and 2 Kim/Mickelson
Els/Scott 2 and 1 Mahan/O'Hair
Allenby/Singh 1 up Cink/Glover
Cabrera/Villegas 2 up Johnson/Perry
Ishikawa/Ogilvy 6 and 4 Stricker/Woods
Goosen/Yang halved Furyk/Leonard

Friday's matches

All matches were in four-ball format.

International Results United States
Goosen/Scott 3 and 2 Leonard/Mickelson
Els/Weir 2 up Furyk/Kim
Ishikawa/Yang 4 and 3 O'Hair/Perry
Clark/Singh 1 up Cink/Glover
Allenby/Villegas 2 and 1 Johnson/Mahan
Cabrera/Ogilvy 5 and 3 Stricker/Woods
3 Four-ball 3

Saturday's matches

Morning foursomes

International Results United States
Goosen/Villegas 5 and 3 Mickelson/O'Hair
Els/Scott 4 and 2 Furyk/Leonard
Allenby/Singh halved Cink/Mahan
Clark/Weir 1 up Stricker/Woods
Ishikawa/Yang 3 and 2 Johnson/Perry
7 Overall 10

Afternoon four-ball

International Results United States
Cabrera/Scott 2 up Furyk/Kim
Allenby/Ogilvy 2 and 1 Cink/Glover
Els/Weir 5 and 3 Johnson/Leonard
Ishikawa/Yang 4 and 2 Stricker/Woods
Clark/Singh halved Mickelson/O'Hair
Overall 12½

Sunday's matches

All matches featured were in singles competition.

International Results United States
Villegas 2 and 1 Mahan
Scott 4 and 3 Cink
Weir halved Leonard
Allenby 5 and 3 Kim
Ogilvy 2 and 1 Stricker
Els 6 and 4 O'Hair
Ishikawa 2 and 1 Perry
Clark 4 and 3 Johnson
Yang 6 and 5 Woods
Singh halved Glover
Goosen 2 and 1 Mickelson
Cabrera 4 and 3 Furyk
5 Singles 7
14½ Overall 19½

Notes and references

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