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This is a timeline documenting the events of heavy metal in the year 2013.

Bands disbanded

Bands reformed




Albums expected / released


Day Artist Album
1 Oblivion Called to Rise[61]
Subterranean Masquerade Home (EP)[62]
8 Corpus Mortale Fleshcraft[citation needed]
Newsted Metal (EP)[63]
Hollywood Undead Notes from the Underground[64]
12 Mors Principium Est ...And Death Said Live[65]
Mutiny Within Synchronicity[66]
18 Blockheads The World is Dead[67]
Helloween Straight Out of Hell[68]
Nightfall Cassiopeia[69]
Rotten Sound Species at War (EP)[70]
Saille Ritu[71]
21 Fen Dustwalker[72]
The Prophecy Salvation[73]
Riverside Shrine of New Generation Slaves[74]
22 Crashdïet The Savage Playground[75]
Holy Grail Ride the Void[76]
Love and Death Between Here & Lost[77]
Touché Amoré and Pianos Become the Teeth Touché Amoré / Pianos Become the Teeth (Split EP)[78]
Lightning Swords of Death Baphometic Chaosium[79]
Voivod Target Earth[80]
25 Convulse Inner Evil[81]
Cult of Luna Vertikal[82]
Dreamshade The Gift of Life[83]
Hatebreed The Divinity of Purpose[84]
Koldbrann Vertigo[84]
Jørn Lande Symphonic (compilation)[85]
Pink Cream 69 Ceremonial[86]
Stratovarius Unbreakable (EP)[87]
28 Funeral for a Friend Conduit[88]
29 A Sound of Thunder Queen of Hell (EP)[89]
Assassin Chaos and Live Shots (DVD)[90]
Circle II Circle Seasons Will Fall[91]
The Gates of Slumber Stormcrow (EP)[92]
Tomahawk Oddfellows[93]


Day Artist Album
1 The 69 Eyes Love Runs Away (EP)[94]
Blind Guardian A Traveler's Guide to Space and Time (box set)[95]
Enforcer Death by Fire[96]
Frankenbok Cheers, Beers & Beards![97]
Manilla Road Mysterium[98]
Raven Lord Descent to the Underworld[99]
Sinister Years of Massacre (Compilation)[100]
Sonic Reign Monument in Black[101]
4 Red Release the Panic[102]
5 Defeated Sanity Passages Into Deformity[103]
Hate Solarflesh – A Gospel of Radiant Divinity[104]
Spektr Cypher[105]
12 Bullet for My Valentine Temper Temper
15 Misery Index Live in Munich (live album)[106]
Suffocation Pinnacle of Bedlam[107]
16 Sacred Steel The Bloodshed Summoning[108]
18 Officium Triste Mors Viri[109]
19 Complete Failure The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault[110]
Black Boned Angel The End[111]
Portal Vexovoid[112]
Shai Hulud (band) Reach Beyond the Sun[113]
Wednesday 13 The Dixie Dead[114]
22 Arkona Decade of Glory[115]
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Saivon Lapsi[116]
Lord Digital Lies[117]
Lost Soul Genesis XX: Years Of Chaoz (Compilation)[118]
Stratovarius Nemesis[119]
W.E.T. Rise Up[120]
25 Darkthrone The Underground Resistance[121]
Omnium Gatherum Beyond[122]
Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)[123]
26 Byzantine Byzantine[124]
Ruins Place of No Pity[125]
Vreid Welcome Farewell[126]
Within the Ruins Elite[127]


Day Artist Album
1 Crystallion Killer[128]
Rotting Christ Kata ton Daimona Eaytoy[129]
Saxon Sacrifice[130]
Thyrfing De Ödeslösa[131]
Wolfchant Embraced by Fire[132]
4 Hardcore Superstar C'mon Take on Me[133]
Long Distance Calling The Flood Inside[134]
5 Krokus Dirty Dynamite[135]
Neaera Ours is the Storm[136]
Soilwork The Living Infinite[137]
8 Horna Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa[138]
Lordi To Beast or Not to Beast[139]
11 Blood Tsunami For Faen[140]
Orange Goblin A Eulogy For The Fans (DVD)[141]
12 Adrenaline Mob Covertá (EP)[142]
Common Dead Allegorize[143]
Rammstein Videos 1995–2012 (DVD)[144]
15 Imperia Queen of Passion (compilation)[145]
KEN mode Entrench[146]
Torture Killer Phobia[147]
Wardruna Runaljod - Yggdrasil[148]
18 Intronaut Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones)[149]
19 Anthrax Anthems (covers EP)[150]
Clutch Earth Rocker[151]
Hundredth Revolt (EP)[152]
Jungle Rot Terror Regime[153]
Six Feet Under Unborn[154]
20 Warlord The Holy Empire[155]
22 Adept Silence the World[156]
Aeternus ...And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth[157]
Hypocrisy End of Disclosure[158]
Northlane Singularity[159]
Pretty Maids Motherland[160]
Serenity War of Ages[161]
Stonelake Monolith[162]
Trail of Tears Oscillation[163]
Visions of Atlantis Ethera[164]
Von Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves[165]
25 Amaranthe The Nexus[166]
The Amenta Flesh Is Heir[167]
Finntroll Blodsvept[168]
Gamma Ray Master of Confusion (EP)[169]
Moss Horrible Nights[170]
October Tide Tunnel of No Light[171]
Axel Rudi Pell Live On Fire (DVD)[172]
26 Benea Reach Possession[173]
DGM Momentum[174]
Kvelertak Meir[175]
Sevendust Black Out the Sun[176]
Suicidal Tendencies 13[177]
29 Persefone Spiritual Migration[178]
30 Avantasia The Mystery of Time[179]


Day Artist Album
2 Drowning Pool Resilience[180]
Killswitch Engage Disarm the Descent[181]
Bring Me the Horizon Sempiternal[182]
Toxic Holocaust From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction (compilation)[183]
3 Dir En Grey The Unraveling (EP)[184]
5 Deathchain Ritual Death Metal[185]
The Storyteller Dark Legacy[186]
Volbeat Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies[187]
Saltatio Mortis Manufactum III[188]
8 Device Device[189]
The Meads of Asphodel Sonderkommando[190]
Shining One One One[191]
9 Dawn of Ashes Anathema[192]
Ghost Infestissumam[193]
Keep of Kalessin Introspection (EP)[194]
Stone Sour House of Gold & Bones – Part 2[195]
12 Ctulu Seelenspiegelsplitter[196]
Memory Garden Doomain[197]
Mystic Prophecy Best of Prophecy Years (compilation)[198]
Wastefall Meridiem (EP)[199]
15 Iced Earth Live In Ancient Kourion (DVD)[200]
Sacred Mother Tongue Out of the Darkness[201]
Spiritual Beggars Earth Blues[202]
16 Jeff Loomis Requiem for the Living (EP)[203]
Skid Row United World Rebellion: Chapter One (EP)[204]
18 Noumena Death Walks With Me[205]
19 Amorphis Circle[206]
Beastwars Blood Becomes Fire[207]
Gama Bomb The Terror Tapes[208]
Heaven Shall Burn Veto[209]
Mastercastle On Fire[210]
Steak Number Eight The Hutch[211]
22 Hacride Back to Where You've Never Been[212]
23 Amplifier Echo Street[213]
Kaledon Altor: The King’s Blacksmith[214]
Queensrÿche with Geoff Tate Frequency Unknown[215]
Rob Zombie Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor[216]
24 Atrocity Okkult[217]
Dreamtale World Changed Forever[218]
26 Deep Purple Now What?![219]
Howl Bloodlines[220]
The Ocean Pelagial[221]
Sodom Epitome of Torture[222]
Vicious Rumors Electric Punishment[223]
28 Malefice Five[224]
29 Cathedral The Last Spire[225]
Freedom Call Ages Of Light (compilation)[226]
Kingdom Come Outlier[227]
Satan Life Sentence[228]
30 After the Burial This Life is All We Have (EP)[229]
Altar of Plagues Teethed Glory and Injury[230]
Arsis Unwelcome[231]
Cauldron Tomorrow's Lost (American Version)[232]
Hybrid Angst[233]


Day Artist Album
1 Delain Interlude (compilation)[234]
3 Lacrimas Profundere Antiadore[235]
Rhapsody of Fire Live – From Chaos to Eternity (live)[236]
Shade Empire Omega Arcane[237]
7 Joe Satriani Unstoppable Momentum[238]
10 Arckanum Fenris Kindir[239]
Chaostar Anomima[240]
Immolation Kingdom of Conspiracy[241]
13 My Dying Bride The Manuscript (EP)[242]
14 The Dillinger Escape Plan One of Us Is the Killer[243]
Tribulation The Formulas of Death[244]
17 Blood Red Throne Blood Red Throne[245]
Gothminister Utopia[246]
Masterplan Novum Initium[247]
20 Leprous Coal (Leprous album)[248]
21 Airbourne Black Dog Barking[249]
Avalon The Land of New Hope[250]
A Pale Horse Named Death Lay My Soul to Waste[251]
U.D.O. Steelhammer[252]
24 Dew-Scented Insurgent[253]
Kylesa Ultraviolet[254]
Suidakra Eternal Defiance[255]
27 Burzum Sôl Austan, Mâni Vestan[256]
Dagoba Post Mortem Nihil Est[257]
Dark Tranquillity Construct[258]
Evile Skull[259]
Christopher Lee Charlemagne: The Omens of Death[260]
Tesseract Altered State[261]
28 Aborym Dirty[262]
Alice in Chains The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here[263]
Antigama Meteor[264]
Anvil Hope in Hell[265]
ASG Blood Drive[266]
Blood Ceremony The Eldritch Dark[267]
Judas Priest Epitaph (DVD)[268]
Sacred Oath Fallen[269]
Svartsyn Black Testament[270]
29 Chthonic Bú-Tik[271]
31 Cardiant Verge[272]
Tristania Darkest White[273]


Day Artist Album
3 White Wizzard The Devil's Cut[274]
4 Megadeth Super Collider[275]
5 Oliva Raise the Curtain[276]
7 Summoning Old Mornings Dawn[277]
11 The Black Dahlia Murder Everblack[278]
Black Sabbath 13[279]
Children of Bodom Halo of Blood[280]
Deafheaven Sunbather[281]
Integrity Suicide Black Snake[282]
Jørn Lande Traveller[283]
My Ruin The Sacred Mood[284]
Scale the Summit The Migration[285]
14 Magnus Karlsson Free Fall[286]
17 Amberian Dawn Re-Evolution (compilation)[287]
Kalmah Seventh Swamphony[288]
18 Dark Moor Ars Musica[289]
Fuck the Facts Amer (EP)[290]
High on Fire Spitting Fire Live Vol. 1 (live)[291]
Spitting Fire Live Vol. 2 (live)[292]
Valient Thorr Our Own Masters[293]
21 Edenbridge The Bonding[294]
Eternal Oath Ghostlands[295]
Extol Extol (album)[296]
Raven Rock Until You Drop (DVD)[297]
24 Autopsy The Headless Ritual[298]
Firewind Apotheosis - Live 2012 (live)[299]
Orphaned Land All is One[300]
Queensrÿche with Todd La Torre Queensrÿche[301]
25 Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods[302]
August Burns Red Rescue & Restore[303]
Deeds of Flesh Portals to Canaan[304]
Havok Unnatural Selection[305]
Hopes Die Last Wolfpack EP[306]
Mouth of the Architect Dawning[307]
26 Hibria Silent Revenge[308]
Trauma Karma Obscura[309]
28 Agathodaimon In Darkness[310]
Darkane The Sinister Supremacy[311]
Impiety Vengeance Hell Immemorial (compilation)[312]
Månegarm Legions of the North[313]
Sirenia Perils of the Deep Blue[314]


Day Artist Album
2 Huntress Starbound Beast[315]
9 Butcher Babies Goliath[316]
Battlecross War of Will[317]
Nothnegal Nothnegal (EP)[318]
12 Hypocrisy Penetralia / Osculum (box-set)[319]
15 Panzerchrist 7th Offensive[320]
16 Evan Brewer Your Itinerary[321]
18 King Conquer 1776[322]
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals Walk Through Exits Only[323]
Seven Witches Rebirth[324]
Trouble The Distortion Field[325]
19 Baroness Live At Maida Vale (live EP)[326]
Karnivool Asymmetry[327]
Powerwolf Preachers of the Night[328]
22 Stormzone Three Kings[329]
23 American Head Charge Shoot (EP)[330]
Black Tusk Tend No Wounds (EP)[331]
Counterparts The Difference Between Hell and Home[332]
Five Finger Death Punch The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1[333]
Legion of the Damned Ravenous Plague[334]
Misery Signals Absent Light[335]
26 Deadlock The Arsonist[336]
We Came as Romans Tracing Back Roots[337]
27 Mercenary Through Our Darkest Days[338]
29 James LaBrie Impermanent Resonance[339]
30 Chimaira Crown of Phantoms[340]


Day Artist Album
2 The Defiled Daggers[341]
Lingua Mortis Orchestra and Rage LMO[342]
Exhumed Necrocracy[343]
6 Iwrestledabearonce Late For Nothing[344]
Newsted Heavy Metal Music[345]
Revocation Revocation (album)[346]
8 Rosetta The Anaesthete[347]
9 Equilibrium Waldschrein [348]
16 Fleshgod Apocalypse Labyrinth[349]
Manowar The Lord Of Steel Live (live EP)[350]
Soil Whole[351]
19 Watain The Wild Hunt[352]
20 Born of Osiris Tomorrow We Die ∆live[353]
21 Turisas Turisas2013[354]
23 ReVamp Wild Card[355]
Tarja Turunen Colours in the Dark[356]
Unshine Dark Half Rising[357]
27 Avenged Sevenfold Hail to the King[358]
DevilDriver Winter Kills[359]
30 Gorguts Colored Sands[360]
Kreator Dying Alive (DVD)[361]
31 Avulsed Ritual Zombi[362]


Day Artist Album
2 Haken The Mountain[363]
The Safety Fire Mouth of Swords[364]
3 Deliverance Hear What I Say![365]
Vista Chino Peace
Annihilator Feast [366]
6 Dark Age A Matter of Trust[367]
Ministry From Beer to Eternity[368]
Ashes Of Ares Ashes Of Ares[369]
7 Michael Angelo Batio Intermezzo[370]
9 Satyricon Satyricon[371]
13 Onslaught VI[372][373]
Poisonblack Lyijy[374]
Carcass Surgical Steel[375]
17 The Devil Wears Prada 8:18[376]
Eyes Set to Kill Masks[377]
Ulcerate Vermis (album)[378]
Týr Valkyrja [379]
Gwar Battle Maximus [380]
20 Hirax Immortal Legacy[381]
Stormlord Hesperia[382]
24 Dream Theater Dream Theater[383]
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction: Live (CD/DVD)[384]
Ra Critical Mass[385]
25 The Gathering Afterwords [386]
27 Master The Witchhunt [387]
myGRAIN Planetary Breathing[388]
Mystic Prophecy Killhammer[389]
Wisdom Marching for Liberty[390]
Hatesphere Murderlust [391]
30 Devin Townsend The Retinal Circus (CD/DVD) [392]


Day Artist Album
1 Broken Hope Omen Of Disease [393]
The Browning Hypernova [394]
Fates Warning Darkness in a Different Light [395]
Scar the Martyr Scar the Martyr [396]
Within Temptation Paradise (What About Us?)[397]
4 Running Wild Resilient[398]
Soulfly Savages [399]
8 A Day to Remember Common Courtesy[400]
Korn The Paradigm Shift [401]
Ulver Messe I.X-VI.X [402]
11 Death Angel The Dream Calls for Blood[403]
Testament Dark Roots of Thrash (CD/DVD)[404]
14 Deep Purple Perfect Strangers Live (DVD) [405]
15 Doomriders Grand Blood[406]
Red Fang Whales and Leeches[407]
Trivium Vengeance Falls[408]
Monster Magnet Last Patrol [409]
16 Europe Live At Sweden Rock - 30th Anniversary Show (DVD) [410]
21 Pestilence Obsideo [411]
Motörhead Aftershock[412]
22 Ihsahn Das Seelenbrechen [413]
Lita Ford The Bitch is Back... Live [414]
Metal Church Generation Nothing [415]
25 Inquisition Obscure Verses For The Multiverse [416]
Sahg Delusions Of Grandeur [417]
Sepultura The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart [418]
28 Ayreon The Theory of Everything [419]
Hail Of Bullets III: The Rommel Chronicles [420]
Man Must Die Peace Was Never An Option [421]
29 Kataklysm Waiting For The End To Come [422]
Kill Devill Hill Revolution Rise [423]
Myka, Relocate Lies to Light the Way[424]
Protest the Hero Volition[425]
Skeletonwitch Serpents Unleashed[426]
Toxic Holocaust Chemistry of Consciousness [427]
Warbringer IV: Empires Collapse [428]
Winds of Plague Resistance [429]


Day Artist Album
5 Dream Theater Live at Luna Park[430]
Falkenbach Asa [431]
Melvins Tres Cabrones [432]
Stryper No More Hell To Pay [433]
8 Cronian Erathems [434]
Endstille Kapitulation 2013 [435]
Epica Retrospect (DVD) [436]
Iron Mask Fifth Son of Winterdoom [437]
12 Handful of Hate To Perdition [438]
Living Sacrifice Ghost Thief [439]
Black Tide Bite the Bullet (EP) [440]
13 Leaves' Eyes Symphonies of the Night [441]
15 Apocalyptica Wagner Reloaded (Live) [442]
Alestorm Live At The End Of The World (DVD) [443]
18 Rush Clockwork Angels Tour [444]
19 Code Augur Nox [445]
Ephel Duath Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness [446]
Five Finger Death Punch The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2 [447]
22 Artillery Legions [448]
Betzefer The Devil Went Down to the Holy Land [449]
Hell Curse And Chapter [450]
Pro-Pain The Final Revolution [451]
Rhapsody of Fire Dark Wings of Steel [452]
25 Almah Raise The Sun [453]
26 Black Sabbath Live... Gathered in Their Masses [454]
Deicide In the Minds of Evil[455]
29 Benedictum Obey [456]
Human Fortress Raided Land [457]
Nightwish Showtime, Storytime (DVD/CD) [458]


Day Artist Album
10 Deliverance Hear What I Say! [459]

Artists with material in production

All releases are studio albums unless otherwise noted.


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  473. Amoral - Recording New Album
  474. Anacrusis - Kenn Nardi Releases Another New Song
  475. Annihilator Mainman Interviewed In Argentina
  476. Anthrax 'Would Really Like To' Release New Studio Album Next Year
  477. Anthrax - New DVD On The Way
  478. Anubis Gate Posts New Album "Horizons" Recording Footage
  479. Arch Enemy - New DVD Announced
  480. Acheron - New Album Update
  481. Arcturus - New Album To Be Released In The Fall Of 2013
  482. Arsonists Get All The Girls Reveals New Album "Listen To The Color"
  483. Artillery - Return To The Studio In June
  484. Asesino Preparing To Enter Studio
  485. Astral Doors Shooting Footage For New DVD
  486. Atheist: New Video Interview Posted Online
  487. New Austrian Death Machine Album Still Happening Despite Tim Lambesis' Arrest
  488. Ayreon - Unveil New Album Title
  489. Baptized In Blood - Working On New Album
  490. Behemoth - Forthcoming Album Title Revealed
  491. Believer Comments On Progress Of Upcoming Album
  492. Belphegor - New Album Pushed Back To Early 2014
  493. Benedictum Taps Producer Jeff Pilson For New Album
  494. Bethlehem - Sign Again With Prophecy Productions, New Album On The Way
  495. Beto Vázquez Infinity Announces New LP "Existence, Pt. II"
  496. Working on Preproduction songs ! NEW ALBUM INCOMING GUYS !!!
  497. Betzefer Finishes Recording New Album "Suicide Hotline"
  498. Bilocate - Writing New Material
  499. The Binary Code Gearing Up To Record New Album
  500. Black Majesty - Begin Recording New Album In July
  501. Black Veil Brides Completes Recording New Album
  502. Blackguard - Working On New Album
  503. Blind Guardian - Continue Work On New Albums
  504. Blood Of Kingu - Sign To Season Of Mist
  505. Blood Stain Child - Announce New Vocalist
  506. Katatonia's Jonas Renkse Checks In From The Studio To Talk New Album, Bloodbath, And More
  507. Body Count To Record New Album, "Manslaughter" In January
  508. Broken Hope Issues Studio Update From 1st Day Of Recording
  509. Cannabis Corpse Signs With Season Of Mist To Release New Album This Year
  510. Carach Angren - Working On New Material
  511. Cathedral - To Release First Ever Live Album
  512. Catuvolcus Posts "Voyageurs de l’Aube" Recording Footage
  513. Carcass - Sign With Nuclear Blast, Album Out In The Fall
  514. Cephalic Carnage - Writing New Material
  515. Cerebral Bore Streaming New Song "Horrendous Acts Of Iniquity"
  516. Chelsea Grin Working On New Album
  517. Chimp Spanner - Working On New Album
  518. Christ Agony Filming "Black Ritual" DVD To Release In 2013
  519. Chrome Division - Line-Up Changes, Working On New Album
  520. Reunited Coal Chamber Has Commenced Writing New Material, Says Singer Dez Fafara
  521. Code - New Album And New Record Label
  522. Common Dead Recording New Full-Length Album
  523. Confide To Return With New Album, Launch $30,000 Kickstarter Campaign To Fund It
  524. Work Begins On Long-Awaited Sophomore Control Denied Album
  525. Cor Scorpii - New Album Delayed
  526. Cormorant - Unveil New Vocalist/Bassist, New Album Update
  527. Coronatus Gearing Up To Record New Album This Summer
  528. Corrosion Of Conformity - Begin Writing New Album
  529. Crashdïet: New Studio Clip Posted Online
  530. Cripple Bastards To Record New Full-Length Album
  531. The Crown Reveals New Album Title As "Nemesis 8 - Death Is Not Dead"
  532. Crucified Barbara - Ink Deal With Nuclear Blast
  533. Cynic - New Album To Be Released In The Fall
  534. Dark Empire - Line-Up Changes, New Album In The Works
  535. Dark Funeral Signs With Century Media Records
  536. Darkane Writing New Material, Working on Live DVD
  537. Darkest Hour Signs With Sumerian Records, Working On New Album
  538. Dawn Of Demise - Working On New Album
  539. Deceased: New Album Details Revealed
  540. Death Angel - Enter Studio In April
  541. DEATH ANGEL Guitarist Explains 'A Thrashumentary' Delay
  542. Death Valley Driver - Unveil New Album Artwork And Tracklist
  543. Deathstars - Announce New Album And Lineup Change
  544. Deicide - Working On New Album
  545. Deströyer 666 - SIEGE
  546. Diamond Plate - Begin Recording New Album
  547. Diecast Recording New Album, Posts Studio Update
  548. Dir En Grey Announces New DVD Documentary Release
  549. Dirge - Recording New Album
  550. Dirge Within Announces New Vocalist Travis Neal
  551. Disarmonia Mundi Issues New Album Update
  552. Dødheimsgard - New Album To Be Released In October
  553. Dornenreich Issues New Album "Freiheit" Update
  554. Down - Reveal New EP Details, New Single Online
  555. Draconian - Start Writing New Material
  556. DragonForce - Complete Writing New Album, Hit Studio In May
  557. Dragonlord Signs With Spinefarm/Universal To Release New Album
  558. Electric Boys: New Album In The Works
  559. The Electric Hellfire Club Writing Songs For New Album
  560. Eluveitie - Evocation II
  561. Enchant Signs With InsideOut Music
  562. End Of Green Working On New Album, Announces Tour Dates
  563. Enslaved - New DVD In The Works
  564. Enthroned Working On Upcoming 10th Album
  565. Entomed Covers King Diamonds's 'Welcome Home' For New 7" Single
  566. Ephel Duath Issues New Album Update
  567. Epica Has Eleven New Tracks For An Unnamed New LP
  568. The Eternal Streaming New Single "Beneath These Waves"
  569. Exodus Bassist On Randy Blythe Concert Incident: 'If You Come On Stage, You're Trespassing'
  570. Extrema Posts New Album Studio Webisode Online
  571. Falconer - Writing New Material
  572. Fates Warning Announces U.S. Tour Dates, Recording New Album
  573. Forgotten Tomb - Announce New Album Details And DVD Release
  574. Ghost Brigade - Re-Signs With Season Of Mist, Line-Up Changes
  575. Neurosis, Godflesh to co-headline show in London
  576. The Grand Astoria Recording Fourth Album
  577. Grave - New EP On The Way
  578. Gwar Issues Update On Tour Dates And New Album
  579. Hail Of Bullets - Preparing To Enter Studio
  580. hAND Working On New Album, Issues Progress Update
  581. The Haunted - Unveil New Line-Up
  582. Sander Gommans Posts Update On New HDK LP
  583. Headspace - Working On A New Album
  584. Heathen - Sign With Nuclear Blast
  585. Sunday Old School: Helmet
  586. Helstar - New Album In The Works
  587. Helstar - To Release 30th Anniversary DVD
  588. Hemoptysis Working On Songs For New Release
  589. Heretic Begins Work On New Material
  590. Hortus Animae Reforming, Announces Crowd Funding Campaign For New Album
  591. Human Recruits New Drummer Daniel Pawsey, Working On New Album
  592. Hundredth Working On EP "Resist"
  593. Huntress Comments On Upcoming Album Artwork
  594. I Killed The Prom Queen - New Album Update
  595. Iced Earth - Reveal First Details About New Album
  596. Ihsahn - New Album Update
  597. Impending Doom Enters The Studio To Record New Album
  598. Impiety Reveals New Album "The Impious Crusade" Details
  599. Impiety To Release New EP "The Impious Crusade" Through Hells Headbangers
  600. In Flames Won't Start Thinking About New Studio Album Until Next Year
  601. In-Quest Reveals Details On New Album "8 - The Odyssey Of Eternity"
  602. Infernal Seeking Drummer, Pushes Back New Album
  603. Insision Working On New Album, Streaming Song From Compilation Release
  604. Integrity Signs With Indie Recordings
  605. Into Eternity Releases New "Fukushima" Teaser Trailer
  606. Iron Maiden Might Approach Songwriting Differently On Next Album
  607. New Judas Priest Album 'Shaping Up Really Well'
  608. Katagory V Streaming New Songs "Far Too Long" And "I Am Change" Online
  609. Kataklysm - Complete New Album Recordings, Touring Australia
  610. Katatonia Announces Re-Imagined Version Of "Dead End Kings" Titled "Dethroned & Uncrowned"
  611. Keep Of Kalessin Recording New Songs For EP And Album Releases
  612. King Kobra Recording New Album
  613. Sunday Old School: King's X
  614. King Diamond Inks Three Album Deal With Metal Blade
  615. Korn Prepare Comeback With 'The Best Album We've Ever Done'
  616. Kauan - New Album Delayed, Title Revealed
  617. Las Cruces - Preparing To Enter The Studio
  618. Last Chance To Reason Announces New Tour Dates, Posts "The Escapist" Video
  619. Leatherwolf Filming Live DVD Tonight
  620. Leaves' Eyes Issues "Symphonies Of The Night" Recording Update
  621. Leng Tch'e - Releasing New Album In 2013
  622. "LIMP BIZKIT Proclaim New Album is for "Nu Metal Rock Fans" Only". The Daily BLAM!. Retrieved 2012-12-15.<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css"></templatestyles>
  623. Vernon Reid on His New Jazz-Rock Supergroup, Living Colour LP
  624. Living Sacrifice Enters The Studio To Record New Album
  625. Locrian Enters The Studio To Record New Album
  626. New LP "The Fourth And Final Horseman" Completed By Lonewolf
  627. Lost Soul Announces Album Titled As "Atlantis - The New Beginning"
  628. Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - New Album Confirmed For June 2014
  629. Macbeth - New Album On The Way, Title Revealed
  630. Machine Head Parts Ways With Bassist Adam Duce
  631. Mael Mórdha - Ink Deal With Candlelight Records
  632. Magnum - New Album Coming Next Year
  633. Man Must Die - Update On New Album
  634. Massacre - New Song Online
  635. Mastodon - New Album Update
  636. Norway's Mayhem Working On New Material
  637. Meliah Rage Founder Launches New Project
  638. New Album Recording Completed By Metal Church
  639. Lars Ulrich Promises Guitar Solos On New Album
  640. Midnattsol - New Album In The Works
  641. Ministry - New Album Detailed, DVD On The Way
  642. Mirrorthrone - New Album On The Way
  643. Mitochondrion - Unveil EP Cover Art
  644. Monstrosity - Band Update, Rehearsal Footage Of Two New Songs
  645. Moonsorrow - Sign Worldwide Deal To Century Media Records
  646. Morgoth - To Release Live Album
  647. NIKKI SIXX: Mötley Crüe's Next CD Will Be Our 'Best Album Yet'
  648. Motörhead - Set New Album Title
  649. Mourning Beloveth - New Update From The Band
  650. writing new material
  651. Naildown To Record New LP, Enters Studio
  652. Necrovation - Line-Up Changes, Taking A Break To Write New Material
  653. Negură Bunget - New Album Update
  654. Negură Bunget - Working On New EP, Line-Up Update
  655. Nightrage - Working On New Album
  656. Nine Inch Nails - New Album This Year, Sign With Columbia
  657. Northern Oak Speak to Terrorizer About Their Kickstarter Campaign
  658. Nothnegal Posts New Album Vocal Recording Footage
  659. Obituary's John Tardy Explains Special Set Lists and Curcumstances Regarding New Album
  660. The Ocean To Film First Ever Live Concert DVD
  661. Oceano Begins Work On New Album "Incisions"
  662. October File Preparing To Record New Album
  663. Omen - New Album Release Date Delayed
  664. On Broken Wings to Finish Recording New Album, "Summer Solstice," This Fall
  665. Opeth - Mikael Åkerfeldt Writing New Material
  666. Otyg To Be Resurrected, Band Currently Recording Third Album
  667. Outrage Recording New Album "The Elemental War"
  668. Pagan Altar Post New Videos From Upcoming Album
  669. Pathology - Sign With Sevared Records
  670. Pain Of Salvation - Recording Acoustic Album
  671. Persuader - New Album Update
  672. Pestilence - Ink Deal With Candlelight Records
  673. Possessed Working On New Music; 'Barge To Hell' Performance Footage Posted Online
  674. Primal Fear To Sign New Record Deal, Begin Work On Next Album
  675. Quo Vadis - But Who Prays For Satan? (Tentative Title)
  676. Red Fang - New Album Coming This Fall
  677. Mixing Completed on New Rigor Mortis Album, "Slaves To The Grave"
  678. Ringworm - Enter The Studio
  679. Riot To Continue On, Fifteen New Songs Written In "Thundersteel/Immortal Soul" Style
  680. Rosetta - New Album Title And Summer Dates Announced, EP to be released in 2014
  681. Royal Hunt - Extend Record Deal, New Album Coming This Fall
  682. Running Wild - New Album Coming In October
  683. Rush - Clockwork Angels Tour Concert Film Trailer Released
  684. Russian Circles - Begin Recording New Album
  685. Sahg - In The Studio
  686. Saint To Enter Studio In January To Record New LP "Desperate Night"
  687. Saint Diablo To Record New Album In September
  688. Sammath Reveals New Album "Godless Arrogance" Details
  689. Sanctuary - Sign With Century Media, New Album This Year
  690. Savage Messiah To Enter The Recording Studio
  691. Saxon Comments On Upcoming Album New "Sacrifice"
  692. Scorpions - In The Studio
  693. Sear Bliss - Update From The Band
  694. Former Slayer Drummer, Dave Lombardo To Guest On New Sepultura Album
  695. Seven Thorns Gearing Up To Record New Full-Length Album
  696. New LP Update Issued By Seventh Wonder
  697. Shaman - Announce New Album
  698. Skeletonwitch - Announces New Album Title
  699. Skepticism - New Album Update
  700. Skiltron Announce Album, Unveil Track List
  701. Original Trouble members form new band 'The Skull'
  702. Skyforger - New Album Update
  703. SLAYER's KERRY KING Says Two New Songs Are Fully Recorded
  704. Slayer Reportedly To Release New EP By This Summer
  705. The SLoT - New Album In The Works
  706. Slough Feg - Ink Worldwide Deal With Metal Blade Records
  707. Society 1 Posts "Screams Of Sadist" Studio Video Update
  708. Solefald Working On New Album
  709. Solution .45 - Working On New Material
  710. Sonic Syndicate - Working On New Material
  711. New Soul Embraced Album To Arrive In May; Band Seeks Donations To Fund Release
  712. Soulfly's Max Cavalera Issues New Album Update
  713. [20]
  714. Subsignal Issues Update On New Album "Paraíso"
  715. Suicidal Angels - To Record New Album In August
  716. Suicide Silence Signs With Nuclear Blast Entertainment
  717. Susperia - Working On A New Album
  718. Swashbuckle - Release New Album Demo
  719. Derek James From King of Tyre
  720. System Divide Recording New Album "The Cult Of Indifference"
  721. System of a Down Say They Will Make a New Album 'At a Certain Point'
  722. Terrorizer/Ex-Morbid Angel Drummer Pete Sandoval: 'My Recovery Is Almost 100%'
  723. Testament - Filming Show For CD/DVD Release Tonight
  724. Thanatos - Sign With Century Media, New Album Next Year
  725. Thin Lizzy Guitarist Damon Johnson On New Album: 'There Are Some Big Fat Riffs'
  726. Throwdown Gearing Up To Record New Album
  727. Thy Disease - Update On New Album
  728. Tombs Records Two New Songs, Writing For New Album
  729. Tool Working On The 'Biggest Project Of Their Lives'
  730. Tooth And Nail Gives Studio Update For New Album
  731. Devin Townsend - Z²
  732. Devin Townsend - Casualties Of Cool
  733. Toxic Holocaust - New Album Update
  734. Toxik - Reveal Snippet Of New Song
  735. Trees Of Eternity To Enter Fascination Street Studios
  736. Trivium: New Album Title Revealed
  737. Trollfest - Begin Recording New Album
  738. Twilight Recording New Full-Length Album
  739. Tyr Taps George Kollias For Drum Recording On New Album
  740. Ulcerate Enters The Recording Studio
  741. Unearth Signs With eOne Music in North America, Readying New Album
  742. Uneven Structure - Release New Video, Working On New Album
  743. The Unguided - Working On New Material
  744. Vader - New Album Update
  745. Valdur To Record New Album In November
  746. Valkyrja To Record New Album This Month
  747. A Cappella Metal Act Van Canto Renews Deal With Napalm Records
  748. Vektor Taking Brief Hiatus To Write New Music
  749. Vildhjarta - New EP In The Works
  750. Rough Mix Pre-Release Track Posted By Re-Formed Viking
  751. The Vision Bleak Enters The Studio To Record "Witching Hour"
  752. Vista Chino Reveals New Album "Peace" Details
  753. Vital Remains - To Release New Album This Year
  754. Warbringer - Begin Recording New Album
  755. Wehrmacht Announces New Singer
  756. While Heaven Wept Working On New LP
  757. Whiplash - New Song Streaming Online
  758. http://www.metalinjection.net/av/whitechapel-tease-new-material-2
  759. Wintersun - Release 'Time II' Album Update
  760. Witch Mountain Enters Studio For "South Of Salem" Follow Up
  761. Witchmaster Recording New Album, Announces Return Of Former Member Inferno
  762. Within Temptation - To Release New Album In Autumn
  763. Wizard - Working On New Album
  764. Reunited Xentrix Booking Shows, Preparing To Write New Music
  765. Y&T Guitarist Says Band Will 'Absolutely' Release Another Studio Album
  766. New Zao Album Due Out In 2013

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