2015–16 Montenegrin crisis

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A political crisis in Montenegro (Montenegrin: Kriza u Crnoj Gori) was initiated by the opposition parties which staged protests requesting fair elections and transitional government. Opposition coalition Democratic Front organised continuous protests in October 2015 which culminated in a large riot in Podgorica on 24 October. A split in the ruling coalition followed in January 2016, leaving the government functioning as a de facto minority government.


Accession of Montenegro to NATO

Anti-government protests

Anti-government protests in Montenegro
Location Podgorica, Montenegro
Date 17–24 October 2015

Anti-government protests in Montenegro began in mid-October 2015 and culminated in riots on 24 October 2015 in the capital of Podgorica. The protests were organised by the opposition coalition Democratic Front, which is requesting the formation of a transitional government which would organise next parliamentary elections.

After thousands of people rallied to protest government corruption and demand a transitional government and resignation of Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, who has held prime ministerial or presidential positions for most of the time since 1990, the police intervened tear-gassing the demonstrators.[1] Montenegrin police fired tear gas at opposition supporters, while chasing away the demonstrators with armored vehicles.[2]

A protest against joining NATO was held in Podgorica on 12 December 2015.[3] A new protest against the government was held on 24 January 2016.[4]

DPS–SDP split

On January 27, 2016, a parliamentary vote saw the split of the ruling DPS and up until then coalition partner SDP.[5] This followed a failed crisis talk over the organization of the "first free and fair election".[5] The President of the National Assembly Ranko Krivokapić (SDP) strongly criticized Prime Minister Milo Djukanović and the ruling party (DPS). With the split of SDP, Djukanović lost the Assembly majority. Djukanović started an initiative to remove Krivokapić from the seat.

Parliament interruption

On 13 May 2016, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović's speech was interrupted by the Democratic Front MPs, who chanted "Milo, you thief" (Milo, lopove)., which was followed by a verbal clash and an attempt at physical altercation, which was prevented by other MPs and parliamentary security service. [6]

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