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2016 in Hong Kong


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  • January 1 –
    • People's Bank of China Shandong Branch announced will using coin replacing bill in 1 yuan value as testing field in 5 cities including Qingdao, Zaozhuang, Jining, Linyi and Rizhao.[1]
    • China officially transitions from its one-child policy to a two-child policy.[2]
  • January 2–9 – 2016 Shenzhen Open
  • January 4 – Chinese regulators introduce a circuit breaker in an attempt to prevent stock market crashes, halting trade.[3]
  • January – 5 members of Causeway bay books of Hong Kong, including the manager gone missing.[4][5] China's television stated that he used to have a name Gui Minhai in committing a hit-and-run crime in 2003.[6] He and his staffs gone missing mysteriously starts on December 30, 2015 and later it's confirmed that they are all in mainland China.[7]
  • January 16 – The Counsil of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank established. President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang master the founding ceremony.[8]
  • January 17 – The Beijing Military Region reform as Central Battle Region.[9]
  • January 20–25 – A century cold wave hits nearly all parts of China, it is first happened in Siberia, and then goes down to hit China.[10] By January 24, it hits the Southern part of China, Guangzhou, Hong Kong has its first snow in the new century and the ninth of its recorded history.[11] It is described as the Emperor Level Blizzard.[12]
  • January 29 – After being trapped for 36 days, four miners are rescued from a collapsed mine in Baotai, Shandong Province.[13]


  • February 1 – President Xi Jinping announced that the seven military regions transformed into five battle regions. The five battle regions are Central Battle Region, East Battle Region, West Battle Region, South Battle Region and North Battle Region.[14]
  • February 6 – A 6.4 Magnitude earthquake occurs in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


  • March – National People's Representative Conference and National Political Association Conference (The two-conferences for short) open. President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang holds the two-conferences.[16]
  • March 27 – The National Party of Hong Kong is established. It advocates the independence of Hong Kong and does not recognize the Basic Law of Hong Kong.[17]
  • March 28–April 3 – 2016 China Open (snooker)
  • March 30 – China deploys anti-ship missiles on Paracel Islands. Spokesman of the Foreign Ministry Hong Lei responded that it's a right thing to do for deploying national defenses equipments on its own territory.[18]


  • April – ABU Radio Song Festival 2016
  • April 13 – A building in an industrial zone of Machong County, Dongguan collapse. 18 deaths are reported.[19]
  • April 13 – 8 Taiwanese criminals out of 10 are sent back to Mainland China by Kenya. Taiwanese government protests China's working method.[20] However, the media in Taiwan agree and said the criminals should be seriously punished since the legals in Taiwan are too good for these criminals.[21]
  • April 17 – Chinese Central Television broadcasts a report on Changzhou Foreign Languages School stating hundreds of students have fallen ill from pollution.
  • April 27–May 1 – 2016 Extreme Sailing Series in Qingdao


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