414 Panzer Battalion

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414 Tank Battalion
414 Panzerbattalion
Active forming 2016-2019/fully operational from 2019.
Country  Netherlands  Germany
Branch Royal Netherlands Army,German Army
Type Tank
Size around 400
Brigadier General Martin Wijnen

The 414 Tank battalion (Panzer battalion is a mixed German/Dutch tankbattalion, consisting out of 100 Dutch and around 300 German soldiers.

The battalion is getting formed from 2016 until 2019 and is expected to be fully operational from 2019.

Previously the German battalion, part of the 41st Panzergrenadier Brigade was active from 1991-2006 at Spechtberg. It was established on the basis of the 22nd and 23rd Panzer Regiments, 9th Panzer Division, of the Land Forces of the National People's Army, the former East German Army.[1]

The battalion will fall under Dutch command, because the battalion is part of the Dutch 43rd Mechanized Brigade.

The 43rd Mechanized Brigade is part of the1. Panzerdivision and falls under German command. The 414 Panzerbattalion has his barracks in Bergen-Loheide


Insignia of previous Panzer Battalion 414
  • PzBtl 414
  • Stab(German,few Dutch)
  • 1.VsgUsgKp(mostly German,few Dutch)
  • 2 PzKp(German)
  • 3 PzKp(German)
  • 4 PzKp(Dutch)
  • PzBtl= Panzer Battalion (tank battalion)
  • Stab= Staff battalion (staff batalion)
  • VsgUsKp= Versorgungs und Unterstutzungkompanie (maintenance & support)
  • PzKp= Panzer Kompanie (tank squadron)

Out of the 100 Dutch soldiers there are 72 tank crew members & 28 staff & maintenance and support crews.