43rd Mechanized Brigade (Netherlands)

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43 Mechanized Brigade
Active July 1949–present
Country  Netherlands
Branch Royal Netherlands Army
Type Mechanized Infantry
Size 3500 personnel, including 1000 reservists
Colors Red & Blue
Mascot Bison
Engagements War in Afghanistan
Brigadier General Martin Wijnen

43 Mechanized Brigade (Dutch: 43 Gemechaniseerde Brigade) is one of the three brigades of the Royal Netherlands Army. The others being the 13th Motorized Brigade and 11th Airmobile Brigade. The brigade has armored and non-armored vehicles to its disposal. The brigade can be used for combat operations, peacekeeping and ceremonial tasks.[1]

In September 2015 was announced that 43 Mechanized Brigade will be integrated since 2019 in the German 1st Panzer Division.[2]

The German 414 tank battalion will become one of the units in 43 Mechanized Brigade. In this battalion one of the companies will be Dutch manned, with 18 German Leopard 2A6 tanks, later to be 2A7. The remaining 16 Dutch Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tanks will be handed over to Germany.

The Brigades HeadQuarters as well as most of the units are located at the Johannes Post Barracks in Havelte, in the province Drenthe.


The 43 Mechanized Brigade is made up of the following units:


  • 97 Fennek armored reconnaissance vehicles
  • 92 CV90 infantry fighting vehicles
  • 48 Leopard 2A7main battle tanks
  • 6 Fuchs CBRN reconnaissance vehicles


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