4728th Air Defense Group

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4728th Air Defense Group
46th FIS Lockheed F-94C-1-LO Starfire 51-13600.jpg
Active 1957–1958
Country  United States
Branch  United States Air Force
Type Fighter Interceptor
Role Air Defense
Part of Air Defense Command

The 4728th Air Defense Group is a discontinued United States Air Force organization. Its last assignment was with the New York Air Defense Sector at Dover Air Force Base.

The group was formed to provide a single command and support organization for the two fighter interceptor squadrons of Air Defense Command (ADC), that were tenants at Dover, a Military Air Transport Service (MATS) base. It was also assigned a maintenance squadron to perform aircraft maintenance. It was discontinued after the 46th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron inactivated in 1958, leaving only a single fighter squadron at Griffiss.


The 4728th Air Defense Group was organized in early 1957. The group was established to provide a headquarters for Air Defense Command (ADC) Fighter-Interceptor Squadrons (FIS) stationed at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware,[1] a Military Air Transport Service base,[2] whose 1607th Air Base Group acted as the host base organization.[3] It was assigned the 46th FIS, flying Lockheed F-94 Starfire aircraft,[4] armed with HVAR rockets. and the 98th FIS, flying Northrop F-89 Scorpion aircraft,[5] armed with both HVAR rockets and AIM-4 Falcons as its operational squadrons.[6][7] Both aircraft had a radar officer to operate the aircraft airborne intercept radar. The group mission was air defense of the Middle Atlantic Area of the United States.[citation needed] These squadrons were already stationed at Dover and had been assigned to the New York Air Defense Sector.[6][7]

In August, maintenance for the two squadrons was combined in the 604th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (CAMS), which was activated at Dover.[8] The 98th FIS converted to newer model F-89s, which could carry nuclear armed AIR-2 Genies, in the fall of 1957.[5] The group was discontinued when the 46th FIS was inactivated,[6] leaving only a single operational ADC squadron at Dover.[1] The 604th CAMS was also inactivated, while the 98th FIS was then assigned directly to the New York Air Defense Sector.[7]


  • Designated and organized as the 4728th Air Defense Group on 8 February 1957
Discontinued on 1 July 1958


  • New York Air Defense Sector, 8 February 1957 – 1 July 1958


  • Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, 8 February 1957 – 1 July 1958


  • 46th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, 8 February 1957 – 1 July 1958
  • 98th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, 8 February 1957 – 1 July 1958
  • 604th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 8 August 1957 - 1 July 1958


  • Northrop F-89H Scorpion, 1957
  • Northrop F-89J Scorpion, 1957-1958
  • Lockheed F-94C Starfire, 1957-1958

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 This article incorporates public domain material from websites or documents of the Air Force Historical Research Agency.

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