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The 5-Tiles logo
Developer(s) ETAOI Systems
Operating system Android
Type Virtual keyboard
License Proprietary
Website fivetiles.com

5-Tiles is a virtual keyboard for mobile devices with touchscreen that run the Android operating system. It is characterized by needing a small amount of space leaving as much space as possible to the software that needs the keyboard. As the name indicates there are exactly five keys on the keyboard on one line of keys. Characters are typed by tap and swipe gestures.[1]

The five keys of this keyboard all have different colors to be easily distinguishable.[2] You have the following options to type a character:

  • Tap on one of the five buttons
  • Swipe up or down, beginning on one of the buttons
  • Swipe a path on the x-axis beginning on one of the buttons changing direction at different buttons and a different number of times—according to the character—until you finally end up on one of the buttons
  • Making a cheat sheet visible with a simple swipe gesture and then tapping one of the symbols listed


The concept of this keyboard was invented in 2004. The co-founder of the company creating this keyboard, Michal Kubacki, first didn't have skills in programming. He learned some skills that allowed him to write basic software for testing purposes and to further develop the keyboard. He got in touch with people who helped him creating the product as a virtual keyboard for Android devices. An early version was downloaded thousands of times.[4] At the 2013 Droidcon Demo Camp the company won the second place. It was also awarded in other competitions.[5]


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