60th Anniversary Celebrations of Bhumibol Adulyadej's Accession

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60th Anniversary Celebrations of Bhumibol Adulyadej's Accession
Native name งานฉลองสิริราชสมบัติครบ ๖๐ ปี พ.ศ. ๒๕๔๙
Date 2006 (2006)
Location Thailand
Organised by Royal Thai Government

The Sixtieth Anniversary Celebrations of King Bhumibol Adulyadej's Accession to the Throne 2006 (Thai: งานฉลองสิริราชสมบัติครบ ๖๐ ปี พ.ศ. ๒๕๔๙; RIT translit. Ngan Chalong Siriratchasombat Khrop Hok Sip Pi Pho So Song Phan Ha Roi Si Sip Kao) were the celebrations held throughout Thailand in 2006 to celebrate King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 60th year on the throne. The celebrations were arranged by the Royal Thai Government with Thaksin Shinawatra as Prime Minister, and joined by representatives of other monarchies.

Official Emblem

King Bhumibol selected one of twelve designs presented by the Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture to be the official emblem for the celebrations. The emblem selected was designed by department artist Somchai Supphalakamphaiphon.

There are several symbols in the emblem. The centerpiece is a cypher of the king's name in golden yellow, the colour of Monday, his day of birth. The cypher is set on a blue background, which is a royal colour. The device is encircled with diamonds, which symbolise wise men, important authors, craftsmen, the sacred white elephant, graceful women, vigorous soldiers, and public servants.

The Royal Regalia that circumscribe the device: the Great Crown of Victory surmounts the throne, flanked by a sword and a yak's tail whisk; under the throne is a pair of royal slippers. These five objects are used in coronation ceremonies, which were last used during the king's coronation in 1946.

The bottom of the emblem features a pink ribbon with the name of the celebrations inscribed in gold. The two ends of the ribbon are held by the monkey god Hanuman, the devotee and leader of Rama's army in the Ramakien, and Garuda, the Hindu god Vishnu's vehicle. The green and gold colors in the background represent the fertility of the land.[1]

Main Programmes

Royal ceremonies

The king endorsed the royal programmes during the periods of June 2006 as follows:

Date Time Ceremony Place
Thursday, 8 June 17:00 The merit making royal ceremony in dedication to the royal ancestors Amarin Winitchai Throne Hall
Friday, 9 June 09:00–17:00 The letting of the public paying of homage to the royal ancestors Phra Thep Bidon Hall, Wat Phra Si Rattanasatsadaram
10.00 hours The homage paying royal ceremony in dedication to the royal ancestors Anantasamakhom Throne Hall
HM The King Bhumibol Adulyadej and HM The Queen Sirikit holding the grand audience Balcony of Anantasamakhom Throne Hall
Saturday, 10 June 17:00 The 60th Year on Throne Anniversary Royal Celebrations:
  • The establishment of ecclesiastical ranks
  • The religious ceremonies
  • The throne celebrating walking ceremony
Amarin Winitchai Throne Hall
Monday, 12 June 16:00 HM The King Bhumibol Adulyadej and HM The Queen Sirikit, as well as members of the royal household, welcoming the visiting monarchs Anantasamakhom Throne Hall
18:30 The monarchs inspecting the Royal Projects Exhibition and the Royal Barge Procession The Royal Thai Navy's Auditorium, and Ratchanawikasapha (Royal Thai Navy Hall)
Tuesday, 13 June 19:30 Royal Banquet Borommaratchasathit Maholan Hall, Grand Palace

The royal ceremonies were broadcast in their entirety nationwide by The Television Pool of Thailand through every general television channel at the dates and times listed.

State Ceremonies

  • Lighting of Well-Wishing Candles Ceremony, Friday, 9 June 2006, 19:19, Sanam Luang.
  • Feasting Assemblage arranged by the Government to offer the dinner to the monarchs, the Government House.
  • Trooping the Colour, Thanon Ratchadamnoen.

Visiting royalty

Of the 29 reigning monarchs worldwide in 2006, 25 accepted the Royal Thai Government's invitation to join the celebrations in Thailand: 13 sovereigns were themselves in attendance, while 12 sent representatives. Absent were the now-deposed Gyanendra of Nepal, owing to his country's internal political instability and Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, owing to ill health.

The attending foreign royal guests were:


Thais wore royal yellow tee shirts to celebrate (although in some organisations it became mandatory), and as the main celebration period of 9–13 June approached, shirts bearing the celebrations' special emblem rapidly sold out. The Ministry of Commerce ordered another 500,000 shirts to meet demand, and many people still wore yellow shirts weeks after the celebrations ended.

Also popular were orange rubber wristbands, similar to the Livestrong wristbands, inscribed "We love the King."

Photographs of the ceremonies are also popular. The Bureau of the Royal Household set up a photo lab specifically to fill orders for official images, and on Bangkok's streets there are vendors selling copies of the photos of the king and visiting royals.[2] Also, newspapers such as the Bangkok Post and The Nation reported brisk sales of commemorative publications.

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