613 (number)

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612 613 614
Cardinal six hundred thirteen
Ordinal 613th
(six hundred and thirteenth)
Factorization 613
Prime yes
Roman numeral DCXIII
Binary 10011001012
Ternary 2112013
Quaternary 212114
Quinary 44235
Senary 25016
Octal 11458
Duodecimal 43112
Hexadecimal 26516
Vigesimal 1AD20
Base 36 H136

Six hundred (and) thirteen is the natural number following six hundred (and) twelve and preceding six hundred (and) fourteen.

Mathematical properties

613 is a prime number, the first number of prime triplet (pp + 4, p + 6), middle number of sexy prime triple (p − 6, pp + 6). It is the index of a prime Lucas number.[1]

613 is a centered square number with 18 per side, a circular number of 21 with a square grid and 27 using a triangular grid. It is also 17-gonal.

613 is the sum of squares of two consecutive integers, 17 and 18, and is also a lucky number and thus a lucky prime.

Other occurrences

The 613 commandments (Hebrew: תרי"ג מצוות‎: taryag mitzvot, "613 Mitzvot") - 613 is the number of mitzvot in the Jewish Torah.

In Jewish Kabbalah the number 613 is very significant, every complete entity is seen as being divisible into 613 parts: 613 parts of every Sefirah; 613 parts of divine mitzvot in the Torah; 613 parts of the human body.

The number 613 hangs from the rafters at Madison Square Garden in honor of legendary New York Knicks coach Red Holzman's 613 victories.

The Beatles mentioned "love" in their lyrics 613 times.[2]

In Scandal, the secret agency is known as B613.


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