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Headquarters 18/F, CNT Tower, 338 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Founder(s) Ken Lo, Dave Chapman, Hugh Madden
Industry FinTech, Blockchain Solution, Digital Assets

ANX INTERNATIONAL (formerly known as Asia Nexgen[1]) is a Hong Kong-based financial technology company which operates Bitcoin exchanges and associated services, such as prepaid debit cards for which the balance is backed by Bitcoin or other fiat currencies, and mobile applications for transfer of digital assets held in the customer account.[2][3][1]


ANX offers Debit Cards to connect digital assets with traditional payment system.

ANX offers two trading platforms and both offer 24-hour online exchange:[4] - a user-friendly Bitcoin exchange platform for general Bitcoin trading. - a cryptocurrency exchange platform for experienced traders.


Billed as the biggest bitcoin giveaway to date, in January 2014, ANX distributed $64,000 worth of bitcoin vouchers by tapping into Chinese cash-giving tradition.[5][6] As Chinese markets increasingly embrace online transactions and e-commerce models, the tradition of giving cash gifts of "lucky money" is transformed to convenience as more and more lucky money recipients prefer to receive their money via electronic means.

Company Growth

In February 28, 2014, ANX INTERNATIONAL launched the world's first Digital Assets physical retail store in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.[7][8][9] It has become a digital assets exchange that operates both online and brick and mortar trading platforms.[10] For the first time, buyers can simply walk into the store, pay cash and send bitcoins to their virtual wallets, instead of buying with credit cards on online exchanges.[11]

In March 13, 2014, ANX INTERNATIONAL announced the launch of its first Digital Assets ATMs,[12][13] which was the first digital currency ATMs in Hong Kong. The machine accepts deposit of Hong Kong dollars to exchange Bitcoins.

In April 2014, ANX INTERNATIONAL launched mobile app ANX Vault on Apple App Store[14] and Google Play Store.[15] The app features high security encryption, one-time passwords, and send privilege controls. It relies on industrial strength security standards provided by the ANX platform including optical three-factor authentication. The app supports major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.[16] All customers funds are held in the cold storage for protection against hackers.[17] ANX INTERNATIONAL also works with an industry leading service provider of DDos protection. The multi-firewall protection is also implemented into their services. All servers are hosted in the Tier 3 compliant data center.[1]

In July 2014, ANX INTERNATIONAL introduced one of the first Bitcoin debit card that can be used worldwide at any merchant that accepts debit cards and at regular ATMs to withdraw cash.[18] The ANX card is a Bitcoin only card yet it spports 10 fiat currencies.[19] One of the largest problems that Bitcoin has is that Bitcoin is not widely accepted; users want to use it have to exchange for fiat currencies. ANX has basically eliminated the problem with its Bitcoin debit card that allows users to use Bitcoins within the traditional credit card payment system.[20] Users can reload funds to the debit cards using Bitcoin. The card can be used for both online and Point of Sale purchases as well as withdrawals through the Global AT&T Network, in other words, they can easily spend their bitcoins at many locations that take traditional debit cards.[21]

In July 2014, ANX INTERNATIONAL has launched the ANX Vault that allowed to sending and receiving functionality for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.[22] iOS users who make sure of ANX services will be able to conduct their digital assets sending/ receiving business, in addition to being able to send bitcoin by email.[22] For the security features, both versions of the app support optional three-factor authentication, although it still allows fast transactions, the app allows users to set daily spending limits that bypass the security feature.[23] ANX digital assets exchange said that other security features include the ability to disable sending privileges from a user's desktop account in the event of a lost mobile device, OTP (one-time password) support for logging in and sending funds, and 'industry standard' encryption for all data communication.[23]


In November 2014, Hong Kong-based exchange ANX INTERNATIONAL has expanded its global presence with the acquisition of Norwegian exchange [24] Justcoin, expanding its presence in the European Bitcoin Market.[25] Justcoin was moving to run on ANX infrastructure as well as incorporating features available on ANX[25] and customers of Justcoin can trade Ripple and Stellar using the ANX order book powered by ANX's latest technology. ANX said that it was able to migrate the Justcoin platform in "less than a week" with the ANX proprietary trading engine and white-label capabilities.[26]

In January 2015, ANX announced that it required CoinMkt, the Santa Monica-based cryptocurrency exchange.[27] The acquisition will help ANX to expand the footprint in the America.[27] Whereas ANX is focused in Asia, the CoinMkt is focused in the US. ANX will have a wide of reach to cater the requirements from clients or customers.[27] CoinMkt will continue to operate under its original brand, but reside under the umbrella of ANX.[28]


In December 2014, the Payment Processing specialist Vogogo signed an agreement with ANXPRO and The Rock Trading Company of Malta, a Maltese-based exchanges.[29] Rock Trading and ANXPRO will be integrated with Vogogo's payment processing and risk management platform enable each to offer users of their respective platform's seamless transactions between Bitcoin and fiat currencies in the US, Canada and the European Union. The ability to conduct transactions with traditional banks has been a major hurdle for companies of crypto-currencies to date and is seen by critical to the widespread adoption and proliferation of virtual currencies.[29] With Vogogo providing sophisticated risk management and compliance, exchanges like these have the freedom to focus on its technology and building its respective business.[29]

In January 2015, ANX added “Black Gold” Coin, which was launched by National Aten Coin.[30] Clients in National Aten Coin (NAC) will have instant access to ANXPRO’s simple and user friendly UI, consolidated shared order book for blended multi-currency settlement, real time FX pricing, deposit options and risk management and trading tools.[31]


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