A Beach Full of Shells

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A Beach Full of Shells
File:Alstewart beach.jpg
Studio album by Al Stewart
Released 21 June 2005
Genre Folk
Length 48:43
Label Appleseed (US), EMI (UK)
Producer Laurence Juber
Al Stewart chronology
Down in the Cellar
(2000)Down in the Cellar2000
A Beach Full of Shells
Sparks of Ancient Light
(2008)Sparks of Ancient Light2008

A Beach Full of Shells is the fifteenth studio album by Al Stewart, released in 2005. Like most of Stewart's later works, much of the content of the CD alludes to people or moments in history.

Historical references

Class of '58

Stewart originally wrote the song "Class of '58" as 13 minutes long. When the record company rejected it, he rewrote it to the truncated 4-minute version on the album.[citation needed] The long version was subsequently released as a single. In the blurb on the single, it is suggested that the album A Beach Full of Shells was originally intended to focus around this song, which describes the life of a musician on the 1950s rock and roll scene.

Track listing

All songs written by Al Stewart.

No. Title Length
1. "The Immelman Turn"   4:39
2. "Mr. Lear"   3:00
3. "Royal Courtship"   4:10
4. "Rain Barrel"   4:00
5. "Somewhere in England, 1915"   6:56
6. "Katherine of Oregon"   3:07
7. "Mona Lisa Talking"   4:26
8. "Class of '58"   4:10
9. "Out in the Snow"   2:51
10. "My Egyptian Couch"   2:18
11. "Gina in the Kings Road"   3:49
12. "Beacon Street"   2:20
13. "Anniversary"   2:53