A New Era

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A New Era
Un Nuevo Tiempo
President Omar Barboza
Slogan Es democracia social. El buen Gobierno
("It's social democracy. It's good government.")
Founded 1999; 19 years ago (1999)
Headquarters Urbanización La Castellana, Av. Principal de La Castellana, Torre Multinvest,
piso 1 Chacao, Maracaibo
Political position Centre-left[1]
National affiliation Democratic Unity Roundtable
International affiliation Socialist International (consultative)
Colours                Blue, red, white
National Assembly
18 / 167
0 / 23
11 / 337
Politics of Venezuela
Political parties

A New Era (Spanish: Un Nuevo Tiempo, UNT) is a centre-left[1] political party in Venezuela. It received 11% of the vote in the 2008 gubernatorial elections. The party arose in Zulia State, Venezuela's most populous, and remains far stronger in its home region than elsewhere in the country, providing the state governor since 2000 (currently Pablo Pérez Álvarez, previously Manuel Rosales) and the mayor of its largest city, Maracaibo (since 2010, currently, Eveling Trejo de Rosales).

12 candidates of Un Nuevo Tiempo or supported by Un Nuevo Tiempo were elected deputies to the National Assembly out of 15 in the September 2010 legislative elections. Along with some other opposition parties, Un Nuevo Tiempo boycotted the December 2005 legislative elections. The party's previous leader was Manuel Rosales, Governor of Zulia (2000 - 2008). He was also its candidate for the 2006 presidential election, attracting 37% of the national vote.

Omar Barboza is the current party president.[2]

UNT was admitted into the Socialist International as a consultative member at the SI's spring congress on 4-5 February 2013.[3]

On May 6th, 2016, the party reported that a local party leader named Germán Mavare,[4] in Barquisimeto, Lara, had been killed by a gunshot to the head.[5][6]

Deputies at the National Assembly


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